Monday, August 24, 2015

Weekend Rewind

While the hot Summer days and nights seem to have vanished, we are still soaking up every stinking minute of being outside without coats!!  Friday night we went over to our friends' house for pizza and wings--homemade!

Cathy is such a good friend and an amazing Tastefully Simple consultant. Her little girl is about Brooke's age and they are just so cute together!

They also have 2 boys and well, throw a football in the mix and it's game on with the husbands too!

It was very relaxing and just what we needed…family time!

Saturday was pretty low key and I just hung around with the kids.   Sandbox fun...

Big boy wants to so badly play in the sand!! Next year buddy.

I did end up taking them on a little drive after Brooke woke up because Bradley needed another mini nap and I had to get out of the house.  I ended up grabbing lobster tails and filet for dinner too, so it was all good!

Sunday we got up, had breakfast and then Joe wanted to go for a drive to the land.  He decided to take just Brooke, since we really notice she does better with some one-on-one attention from us.  She picked flowers while he figured out where the driveway will go, how far things need to be off the road, etc.

It worked out well because I knew Mr. B would need a little morning nap and Brooke doesn't like to sit for long walks any more and she can't walk that far, so it makes for my favorite walk not so fun…but baby boy loved it and I was able to listen to some music.

Fresh air = this.

We take what we can get around here and hired another sitter for a few hours Sunday evening. We had dinner as a family, but then went out for a bit just us two. I had fun dressing up and doing my hair.  I enjoy and miss that kind of stuff!  Although I did switch out of my high heels because I didn't know where we'd end up.


It's not every day I get to ride in the car, so when I do…woop!

We ended up at Marge's, a little beach front bar.  This was my, "Nooo don't take a picture of me, I want a picture of us" face.

I love him!  There were a lot of times where we just sat in silence, enjoying each other's company.  Having two little (loud) kids, we learn to really appreciate the quiet when it comes around! We stopped here for a drink, walked the pier, and then drove around.  

We grabbed lattes and ended up driving out to our land again, because I wanted to see it at dusk. It is gorgeous and makes me so happy and excited to build! As we were driving with the vette's top off, I could see the night sky; it really struck me at how gorgeous this world is and the infinite beauty that surrounds us.  I thought about the babes and how we really won't get this time back, and that just a little time away, really does make me appreciate the life we live.  I am able to sit and play with them on the floor and have no place to rush or be (usually) and although I may feel a little nutty talking to a 7 month and 2 1/2 year old all day long, it really won't be like this forever.  They'll be running around like little kids do, and growing up so fast.  So lazy days of watching "puppies" and cleaning spit up are probably fewer than I even realize.  

We thought about trying to find a bar with the niners game playing, but by 9:15 we were ready to come home.  We have another date night scheduled this weekend, so that is very encouraging! It really keeps things in balance when we can spend time as a family and just us two.  Things are not always perfect in life, there are things that are weighing on my heart and really make me down right frustrated!! But I cannot control other people, I can only control my own mental attitude…and Joe has taught me (and continues to teach me) that.   Date nights always bring me back to the root of us.  Even if it was only a 3 hour mini date night, it was treasured time just us two.  


  1. What an awesome weekend! You look FABulous!!! YAY for dare night for sure!!

  2. Your hair looks so nice in your date night pictures please teach/tell me your ways! My curls never end up looking like yours:( Sounds like your date night was a success, nothing beats one on one time with your man:)
    Nothing better than homemade pizza (so hungry right now haha)


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