Sunday, August 16, 2015

"I Write, therefore I am"

I just needed to feel my fingers bang out some words on this here, old keyboard.  It has been far too long and I may not be able to "physically escape" my surroundings, as the kids nap, but I can at least escape with my mind!!

It is an absolutely gorgeous day here in the 585. I am hanging ever so tightly to these high 80 degree days as I know that the "S" word is right around the corner.  In fact, Fall is trying to make its entrance as I type because a mum is side eyeing me as I sit and type this!! Life is good around these parts.  Nothing terribly awesome or terrible happening.  We are BUSY in the season of baby and toddler--I won't go into too much detail but potty training is not easy folks, and well, baby brother is teething. So my lunch today revolves around a cup of vino and brownie.  Judge me, I dare!!  I keep taking deep breaths and reminding myself "it's only a season" but some of these seasons are far more challenging than others.

I get these grandeur ideas of what I want to accomplish in my 24 hours in a day and well, let's just say by the time I get Brookie into bed, I become a couch zombie and am lucky to have a halfway decent conversation with the hubs.  It's all good though, as I know that we'll get back into another routine (read solid naps/sleep) and then I'm sure something else will happen.  Because you see, when you have two littles, one won't really sleep well, unless the other, asleep. Shocking?

Baby boy will be 7 months tomorrow and I am so behind on his updates, but I do hope to share all that he is up to.  He has a tooth.  ONE TOOTH already.  Gosh, I am really not ready for all this yet but at the same time, I am.

Holly spent the week at my sister's which was actually really nice.  I wasn't yelling at her to not lick the baby (or his spit up) and yes, I know that gross, which is why I yell!  Or worry about someone walking by and her barking/waking them up.

Today was a simple Sunday and yet special because Joe is OFF all day and we went out to breakfast. We NEVER go out to breakfast, mainly because I make really great meals and because who wants to get out of the house early? But we did and baby boy slept, so we ended up driving around and checking out our new land again.  Breakfast was amazing and I definitely will want to do that again.  The kids were pretty good considering their ages.

So, with a sliver of summer left, I am hoping to knock a few more things off my unofficial bucket list:

  • Splash pad with the kids at least one more time
  • S'mores in the backyard fire pit
  • Beach
  • Museum of play (because I bought the membership---I want to use it!)
  • Grill on the charcoal
  • Host a little party
  • Just be outside as much as possible
For myself, personally, I need to get back into working out again. I did SO well before my birthday but I just can't find a rhythm.  I am actually feeling really great in my skin, eating mostly healthy but enjoying life and food because, summer.  I am SOOOO happy I have AdvoCare products to help me just enjoy small indulgences, and not ever feel super guilty about those choices.  Seriously, I think I am smaller now that I was in 2009 when we went to Vegas the first time (the photos popped up on my TimeHop) and back then I was most likely trying to "diet"….I guess that the 80/20 really does work and everything in moderation.  

And since it's summer, just say YES to wine.  I will love all that Fall will bring but for now, let the sun shine and the cold drinks pour!   {and then we can move to reds at a room temperature haha!}

I hope that if you are reading this, you are living in the moment, loving on yourself, and focusing on all that is good and well.  Life will never be perfect, but it's how we enjoy each moment that matters.



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