Thursday, August 20, 2015

Lake George {Day 4}

Still haven't finished blogging about our vacation….so here was day four!!

We were SO excited for this day to come!  We were going to Magic Forest, where the kids could do some rides and have some fun.  We fueled up at Cafe Vero--we visited the cafe before when it was in a smaller location a few years back, and now they have a bigger dining area and it was so good, we ended up coming back two more times as well.

Big bubs was sitting cozy in his carrier.

I indulged in my latte…so tasty~what I would give for one right now!

Joe and Brooke shared a donut.

Brookie enjoyed a cream cheese bagel-she cracks me up!

Face first is really the only way to do it girl.

I still dream about this bagel, egg, cheese & ham sammy!

We met up with my Dad, step-mom and niece at Magic Forest.  It was a little pricy and VERY outdated…a little rickety and on the verge of being like, "how is this still running?!"

But the kids seem to enjoy the rides for the most part!  This one was a tad on the fast side for Brookie, but she held on like a champ!


A train ride through the forest…of creepy statues.

The whole fam on the train!! Yeeehawwww 

I cannot believe the kids didn't scream or cry on this ride because it was HIGH!  My goodness I had to look away at one point, but they made it through.

I was too chicken and used baby boy as an excuse to stay firmly planted on the ground.

Some of the odd statues…

A sheep.

We probably had the most fun walking through this part of the park--a bunch of sing-song characters and nursery rhymes and again, creepy statues.

It rained a bit later and Joe really wanted to walk through the "haunted wax museum" so we did that.  Later that night we did a big family dinner…I prepped like this:

Family shot, with a photobomber--

They were later reservations so Brooke got a little tired.

I know vacations are just going to keep getting better as the kids grow older.  We had such a ball and were again, so grateful for extra hands to help with the littles!!


  1. Sounds like a great time! I totally would have stayed planted on the ground too!

  2. Looks like an awesome like!! So glad you guys got away. Such a beautiful family!!!


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