Monday, August 1, 2016

20 Year Reunion

Joe's 20th year reunion was in July.  I am still behind on blogging, so here goes!

Yes, we pretty much had plans and parties all July long --we loved it!

I tried on a few outfits and decided on a black romper with my newer chunky heels from Target.  We were meeting friends for dinner and then going to a brewery which was being opened for my husband's HS alumni.

We left the kiddos with a sitter and cruised on out of here.

Our favorite restaurant, The Revelry.  I went with some rosé.  Love their faces.

The brewery was nice and Joe had a ball talking to everyone; we were out a little late and I was kind of tired the next morning.  I had plenty of cuddles with this one!

I had a sitter come early so I could sneak out and get a mani/pedi.

We got ready and headed out for the actual reunion as soon as Joe got home.

My simple and elegant arm party.

I loved these shoes---Target, again!

As for the dress?  We purchased this pretty piece back in 2011 on Rodeo Drive.  I LOVE the Guess by Marciano store and I fell right in love with this dress.  Truth? This is the first time I've worn it.  I haven't actually felt confident or fit into it as I did that weekend.  I'm not going to lie, it felt really awesome to be almost 35 and fitting into a dress I bought before I was 30.

The venue was a gorgeous mansion downtown.  It's the Women's Century club and we loved the staircase.  My favorite part of the night was when Joe's English teacher (who helped mold who he is today) got to talking with us.  It was really incredible to hear Joe tell her how much he looked up to her and how she changed him.  She told him, "You always had a spark," and he said, "but you were the one who lit it."

My husband maybe would've been voted least successful in HS.  He didn't have a ton of direction or really care too much about school.  Well, I'd say he's pretty darn successful now and I'm fairly certain there were a few shocked faces when he arrived.

I'm so proud of him; I know he hates the spotlight and attention, but man he really is amazing.

In 20 years he's traveled the country selling perfume and cologne out of the trunk of his car; he's lived in major cities like Boston and Dallas.   He lived in a tiny studio apartment in the ghetto that was completely robbed.  He and his girlfriend had no money, food or any clothes.  He's also lived in a millionaire's guest house and has seen the work ethic and drive it takes to reach the top. He's started over more than once.  At 21 he almost died of Crohn's complications, weighing in at about 120 pounds.  He moved back here to Rochester to open up a branch of the perfume business.  He flipped his first house at 23 and made $12,000.  He started selling cars, and years later he is now a finance manager.  He also started up our rental business, Fave Properties, and we have a total of 4 houses (full of tenants) and we are hoping to close on the 5th one any time now.  Today, if you read my blog, he's been an incredible husband for 6 years and the best daddy our curly topped kids could have.  He works a lot; but he is a driven man.  Something that is ingrained in him from his Grandpa Frank.  I knew who I was marrying and as much as I'd love to sit around and be lazy with him, there's too much of this world we haven't seen yet and so I respect the hustle.

He has one degree; his HS Diploma.  I may have my Master's but it's Joe he continues to teach me so much more than I could learn in a paid classroom.

It makes me really think, in 20 more years where will we be?

Joe's good friend Mike.

Typical. I had so much fun being an outsider; seeing everyone catching up and meeting again was really a lot of fun. I met some really nice people and we had a great night.  I will say the garbage plates served for dinner weren't the best (I mean, really...mac salad and hot sauce while wearing a nice dress? I was paranoid to spill haha!)

The next day he invited some of his good friends over for a little bbq.  Bubs helped me get ready.

We did grilled sirloin burgers with all the fixins.  (including grilled bacon!)

In typical fashion, it got a little crazy and I couldn't take a ton of photos, but they were so good and everyone had a ball.

Joe even brought me some flowers home.

So if you're invited to your 20 year reunion, I say go! It definitely made me rethink maybe I'll go to mine! I still have a few years left...but it may be kind of cool to see people in real life and not just FB highlight reels.


  1. You guys are so stinking cute together I just love it!

  2. Aw, so fun! I loved hearing a little of hubby's life - you two are great together!

  3. My husband just had his 20 year reunion, but we couldn't go because we were out of town. Sucks. Looks like you had the best time, even though they served some not so great food. You look amazing. Way to go on rocking that dress. I love hearing all about your husband's accomplishments through the years. Pretty amazing!


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