Tuesday, August 1, 2017


I love getting a year older.  I'm not sure why one wouldn't want the greatest gift of all, yet another year on earth.  Sure I'm fighting like hell to keep the wrinkles off my face.  It takes a little more working out and eating healthy to look and feel great, but it's worth it.

36 was quite the birthday to remember! Instead of a swanky night out with family & kids, we had an impromptu back deck dinner.  Joe even bought me a mini cake!

I woke up and everyone seemed great! The kids were so excited to give/help me open my gifts.

Joe took this photo in Lake George and had it made into a canvas.  I love it!

On vacation our little cooler broke, so he heard this was the cooler to get.  He stocked me full of my favorite goodies!  I'm thinking these will be perfect for date nights in and when friends come to visit.

If you don't have a Corkcicle, I highly suggest one! This is my second one and I LOVE that I have two now.  Brooke picked it out for me.  I love my water ICE cold and this baby keeps it cold!

My mother in law came over for a few hours, so I ran up to have lunch with Joe.  He was stuck helping a customer and I had to wait awhile, but we still got to see each other which was so nice.  Thanks again Maria!

The weather was a little chilly so I got to wear my white jean jacket.

I came home and kids were resting/napping...and then they woke up.  As soon as Bradley awoke he was crying so hard. I went in and rocked him and he just snuggled and felt very warm.  Sure enough he had a fever of 100 degrees and was not feeling well.  I gave him something to drink. I told Joe but he said that they'll be fine...

Not even 15 minutes of Joe being home did Bradley get sick all over the place.  My momma gut was telling me to cancel and I'm so glad we did not push it, and have that happen at the restaurant!

SO we ordered take out and ate on the deck.

Delicious bacon wrapped spinach.

Red wine, bacon blue cheese topped filet and mashed potatoes.

I really wasn't mad or upset, I just felt so bad for my babies!

This one wasn't 100% as her stomach was off a bit...but she wanted to hang out with us.

Clearly we cannot control our circumstances, and I surely would have liked to have gone out with my kids and family, but there will be other days.  I felt like it was only fair since when we were supposed to go out in April for my sister's birthday, something happened and we had to cancel on her.  

No sense in fighting it, I think it's going to have to be my mantra for 36: Go with the flow.  Breathing in all the love and blessings, counting my lucky stars and wishing for health all year long.

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