Wednesday, January 2, 2013

2013 Pins that Await Me!!

Happy New Year!
I am so happy January is here.
With just two days until Brooke's 'due date'
I seriously never thought this month would come.
I figured to pass some time, I'd peruse Pinterest
and find some Pins that reflect some of the things I look forward to in 
I know lil miss will come when she's good and ready,
but I never thought it'd be so hard to wait to meet her!!
It reminds me of before I met my husband...
I used to just wonder when would I meet him??
I was always optimistic that my 'prince would come'
but I like schedules and to know when everything is going to happen.
So there were many a lonely teary nights,
I sobbed to myself that I may never find him...
Well, I suppose the best events in life, are the ones we have no control over.
I don't know when lil B will make her entrance, but I do know it will be magical.
So to entertain myself
{and possibly you}
Here we go!
Things I cannot wait to enjoy in the days, weeks, and months to come.
Baby Love!
I cannot wait to put her fun clothes on her!
Source: via Jenn on Pinterest

I have so many legwarmers for her to wear!
Source: via Jenn on Pinterest

Being mindful of a breastfeeding diet...

Definitely looking forward to new Spring clothes that are NON maternity!
And sexy heels.
How I miss thee.

Of course I'll need to be sweatin my bootay off to fit into said clothes...
Post-baby workout:

And you know I love me some Zumba

The foods:
Because I'm still a foodie and I miss certain
savory yummies I could not have whilst prego.
Giada's Carbonara:
Source: via Marta on Pinterest

Some of the cheese I miss... 
Source: via Mike on Pinterest


Feta anything

I am days away, DAYS people, from enjoying some fresh sushi!

And of course, the BEST Pinot Grigio...

I must admit I am thankful for having a fairly 'easy' pregnancy.
I'm in a lot of pain down below,
but I'll take the pain over any high-risk factors that could have happened.
I've learned a lot about myself and how much I love taking care of my body.
I'm ready to bring this baby into the world, and get it back.
I cannot wait to be a mommy and experience so much more with baby Brooke.
These are just a few experiences I look forward to.
I'm well aware she'll bring more joy and excitement than I even can dream of.


  1. OMG!! I think I might die from adorable overload! I'm so excited for hair bows and ruffles:) I know 2013 will be a wonderful year for your growing family!

  2. Ahhhh, she could be here any minute now! So SO very excited for you, and can't wait to see lil miss B in the adorable outfits I know you're gonna be dressing her in ;)

    I loooove Zumba too! Jared got me the Zumba wii game for Christmas and I'm anxious to try it out!

  3. That's awesome that it's any day now. I find it so hard to eat well while breastfeeding especially in the beginning. I was in the hospital for 4 days and the food there was crap. I ended up wanting everything I didn't like while pregnant...mainly sweets! lol

  4. She'll be here so soon! I used to cry about not meeting my husband and it all happened unexpectedly...the best things usually do!

  5. I am in love with those adorable ruffle booties. I can't wait for her arrival, I can only imagine how anxious and excited you are.

  6. This post is beautiful, Jenn. I especially loved this bit, "Well, I suppose the best events in life, are the ones we have no control over."


    So excited for you and all of the joy to come!

    And (of course) all of the fresh sushi and wine you can consume! :)

  7. Two days!?! It's gone so fast. Thoughts and prayers for a healthy and happy delivery :)

    Adorable baby pins. And I seriously need to do zumba...800-1000 calories per workout. Umm hello cupcakes!

  8. Best wishes for an easy delivery! I cannot wait to see your baby girl! :)

  9. just repinned some of these for myself! :) And I CAN NOT wait to enjoy some Chardonnay. Seriously probly the thing i miss the most! Cmon baby Brooke!


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