Monday, January 7, 2013

What I'm Watching

Since I'm still killing time
{and trying not to focus all on baby...
it's like watching a pot of water boil}
I'm not usually a huge TV person;
I love the Food Network and The Cooking Channel.
That's what I mostly watch/have on the TV.
But, since there's not a whole lot else I can do besides
play online,
read books,
and patiently wait...
Here's a few shows that have caught my eye.
I'll start with a few that I am oddly excited about watching:
I really only love Jillian Michaels.
I'm also interested to see how they tackle the whole overweight children concept.
I feel strongly about good health and I love JM's passion.
{And her kick-ass workouts I cannot wait to get back into!}
You can see some of my favorite workouts posted here...
I know it will motivate me, once I get the clear to workout hardcore again!!
 I always enjoy the first few episodes...
hubs and I may or may not make inappropriate commentary as the 
"young classy ladies" exit the limo and meet their potential future husband.
I love the dresses and some of the cattiness. 
No lie.
 I'm happy that Revenge starts back up!
We definitely get into her twisted plot of avenging her father's death.
"Our Show"
is definitely Modern Family.
Gloria is having her baby Wednesday
We just love all the characters and laugh so hard every episode.
Our other "new" show is How I Met Your Mother
We ordered Netflix through our PS3
and had never seen this show.
I don't even know which season we are on,
but we are completely addicted and love love love this show!
I love Ted's quirkiness and my husband finds Barney hysterical.
Awesome show.
  Guilty Pleasures:
Pretty Little Liars
 Since having Netflix,
we can now stream it through our phones/ipads...
I jumped on this cheesy chic drama bandwagon.
It's pretty ridiculous but something to pass the time.
 I still keep up with my Real Housewives...
I'm not really loving any of the women or episodes,
but I do like all their fancy bling,
over-sized homes,
fancy cars,
crazy lifestyles...
And the train-wreck that is Miami
Joanna is super pretty,
but man is she a drunken mess!
I feel like these women just get more and more fake...
I liked that they got away for a bit to the Bahamas,
but I find myself questioning why I'm even watching this garbage??
Again, I blame the pretty outfits, fun hair, and lavish lifestyles.
I DVR Dr. Oz
and find that I do learn quite a bit from him.
I take it all with a grain of salt; 
if you took a vitamin or ate everything he talks about on the show,
you can drive yourself insane.
I do try to take most of it and apply it to our lives,
and it helps to watch a show like this from time to time to educate myself.
In other viewing news...
Hubs and I went to a movie on Saturday.
I was really anxious to get out of the house,
and get out of my mind!!
I appreciate anything that will distract me these days.
So, I chose the movie
This is 40.
My husband said it was the scariest movie he's ever seen,
and I have to agree;
it was not that funny!
It was actually quite sad...
and taught us all about how we don't want to parent our children,
how we don't want to treat one another,
and how messed up families can really be!
Not saying we are perfect,
because we aren't,
but we are genuinely happy people and that movie was just a crock.
We laughed a few times, but not worthy of a theater ticket...
I don't know, I just expected really funny and it disappointed.
I was happy to get out of the house though!
And probably most importantly this week will be
Saturday at 8pm:
The playoffs.
Joe's already coaching Brooke that she better come before
or after this big game!!
We'll see what she has in store.
Anything else out there I should be watching?
Hopefully I won't have much time soon,
but for now...


  1. We have A LOT in common! I love TBL, Bachelor, Revenge, Modern Family and HIMYM! Oh, and Dr. Oz, but I completely agree, I take him with a grain of salt. There is no way you can do everything he says to do, but there are some great tips that I can easily incorporate.

    SO, the new bf is a Packer's fan. Like, huge. I don't really care, but I think I am a Packer fan by default now. lol

  2. I love Pretty Little Liars:) I don't get to watch a whole bunch of TV since we have so much going on around here and a 9 year old keeping me busy! I do try to catch Pretty Little Liars in the spring:) Be patient girl.. almost there!

  3. Yes I'm so happy MF is back this week! And i'm so bummed you didn't like this is 40. I was one that thought it was f'n hilarious and cried during the hemmoroid part. The only negative to it I thought was that it was too long.. But still can't wait til it comes out on dvd...that's kinda our humor though? :/ C'mon brooke!

  4. I'm so glad I read this post. 1. Are we the same person?! I LOVE all these shows. 2. I wanted to see that movie and am glad now I will wait until it hits Red Box

  5. I love Jillian Michaels too. She's so smart, and I love how she doesn't believe any of the contestants' excuses.

  6. No baby yet?!?!?!

    I love The Biggest Loser! I'm so happy Jillian is back. I stopped watching after she left so now I have to get back into it.

  7. You need to start watching NASHVILLE! I love it and am sooo addicted! My husband and I both love modern family too and thats "our" show :)

  8. I DVR'd Biggest Loser...I can't wait to watch it. Netflix got me addicted to Once Upon a Time and Heroes(season 1 anyways.) and Downton Abbey too. I watch waaay too much television. :)

  9. You have the best taste in TV I love your picks

  10. Ooooh Modern Family and PLL are 2 of my faves!


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