Saturday, January 5, 2013

40 Week Bumpdate

How far along:
 40 Weeks and 1 day
Black is slimming, no?
Baby is the size of:
an extra large watermelon??
She's huge.
I don't know.
Labor Signs:
 At my Dr's appointment I am still 1cm dilated
70% effaced
Mucus plug is gone
Lots of cramping
We are scheduled to go in for an ultrasound Tuesday
We have our induction date of January 16th 
{you go in at night, have the baby the next day}
I'm hoping she comes on her own before then!!
I feel like I have to pee every 5 minutes now.
It's insane.
Every time I stand, I feel like I gotta go.
Still emotional.
I may or may not yell out loud to my husband:
I want this baby out now!!
From time to time.
My hips hurt so bad they woke me up this morning.
I have to sit-up and not lay
I'm happy and frustrated.
 Trying to stay positive.
I really want to have her on my own, without being induced.
I feel like everyone has had her baby in blogland
except me!!
{Those who were due around this time, that is}
I anxiously await anything that remotely feels like a contraction.
I have like 3 outfits that sort of fit, but I change right into comfy pants and t-shirt,
belly hanging out as soon as I am home.
I live in my robe.
Miss Anything:
I want to hold my baby.
I could go for a NYC Pizza and it's only 10am.
Still off.
Still miss them.
Stretch Marks:
I do believe, in the last few days...
I have a few small ones popping up under the belly.
How sad.
She needs to come out NOW!!!
Just gained a pound last week.
Best Moment of the Week:
My husband is home all weekend,
so we walked the mall after the doctors yesterday.
Put away all Christmas decor/bins etc.
I'm just enjoying our 'quiet time' together.
Looking forward to:
Seeing our baby girl on the ultrasound on Tuesday.
{Although I'd rather her appear before then, in real life!}
Never thought I'd be hoping for bad bad pain!!
I may also do some acupressure/acupuncture within the next week...
Overall thoughts/concerns: 
I've come to terms that she'll come when she's ready;
and if she's not ready, we'll help her out.
Knowing that I can't go any further than January 16 is somewhat comforting,
but at the same time, seems like forever and a day away.
I am glad they are giving us time to allow her to come on her own.
I really don't want to go through induction,
as so many end up in C-sections, and I wanted a vaginal birth.
I know the end result:
a healthy baby in my arms,
will happen either way,
so what will be, will be.
And just for kicks,
here's a picture of my mom pregnant with me in her last month
and obviously a picture of me in the last month.
My mom is only 5'4 and she had me, an 8 lb 12 oz baby!!
So I really wonder what my 5'8 self and 6'3 husband will create.
Hope my next bump post is a picture of my baby!!!!!!!!!


  1. Well.. you've made it this far so whats one more week? Okay.. not so comforting, I know. I had a horrible time sleeping last night and I feel like my belly is stretching all the time. It's pretty uncomfortable. My belly button is like starting to poke out already! I love the hot pink scarf momma.. so cute!

  2. Congratulations! Your life is about to CHANGE COMPLETELY! I was induced and had to have a c section, it's not so bad really, just have to be careful not to overdo it. Just remember to nap when the baby naps! I didn't do this for the first couple a weeks and I thought I was going to die. And enjoy those early a.m. feedings as much as you can, she won't be that small forever! It's such a precious gifts!

  3. I wanted a vaginal birth too, feared a c-section with every fiber of my being, I mean legit FEAR. Honestly, it wasn't bad. I don't have a clue what labor is, I didn't have any tearing lol. Granted, Pierce didn't come under the best circumstances, but still I look at the bright side lol. Should you have to have a c-section, don't fear them. It's quick, the spinal is 100x less painful than the IV in your hand/arm. The worst part about a c-section is the catheter's after effects (for me it left my bladder numb, I didn't feel that I had to go until I HAD TO GO with an overfull bladder. That caused me the MOST pain out of the whole delivery). Get up and walk around as soon as they let you, and don't stop when you get home. Keep moving. My sis-in-law told me she couldn't believe I was moving around like I was, driving, a week later. That she knew people who were still down at 4 weeks. It's not necessary. MOVE. Don't sit. I also think that helped me drop the weight so quickly, coupled with breastfeeding.

    Again, always here if you need me. I can't wait to hear about Brooke coming. She's going to be beautiful...just look at her Mommy and her Daddy!

  4. So exciting! I just found your blog and cant wait to keep reading! I was induced and had my baby naturally, so it can happen! Just stay calm and she will come!

  5. So exciting! I just found your blog and cant wait to keep reading. I was induced with my baby girl in June and had her naturally so it can happen :) Stay calm and sane haha and she will make her way!

  6. Do lots of walking and vacuum. I had been cramping and I vacuumed and cleaned my house and that night I started having contractions and had kendall the next day. Good luck sweetie. I hope she comes soon

  7. Hi! I have followed your ENTIRE bumpdate and you have continued to look super amazing! I will pray for a (soon) & smooth delivery! You will rock it I am sure! I can't wait to see pictures of Baby Brooke soon! You can follow me here...

    Good Luck!


  8. Hang in there, I'm sure she'll come soon! It's crazy how we can go 8 months being pregnant without thinking about it too much, but then the last couple of weeks seem to go by soo slowly. I'm still waiting for my baby to get here too, so I know the feeling of waiting and being so uncomfortable. It will get better though, and hopefully it won't be too much longer! :)

  9. Oh, sweetie. You're 9 months pregnant, so if you want pizza for breakfast--have it! I'm wishing you lots of luck, and I hope you can have a vaginal birth like you want. It won't be much longer. *hugs*

  10. I hope she comes soon and that everything goes smoothly! cant wait for pics!!

  11. You look incredible!! As a side note, I really love your phone case and ring. I hope she comes before the 16th too and that everything goes smoothly!

  12. In the same boat sista! My due date is tomorrow and still no baby so you aren't alone :). It's good to know there are others going through the same thing you are. I've been having contractions though and I feel like that makes it worse because it makes me so angry that I am going through this pain randomly and nothing is happening. I hope that your baby comes soon though, I know how frustrating it can be to know something is supposed to be happening and nothing as happened yet and all you want is to see and hold your baby. Good luck girl!

  13. Can't wait to see her! So excited for you girlie! Hang in there.


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