Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Self-Care: Postpartum

My thoughts on the first few weeks postpartum...
As per the usual, I'm gonna be fairly blunt.
If you don't wanna know the ins and outs, 
you may want to skip this post!!
Since I have a few readers who are expecting,
I figured this may help some of you 
{and my future self, 
once I forget about all the pain and want another child!}
when coming home.
Keeping in mind, I had a vaginal birth,
I'm not sure what you'd do for a C-Sec recovery...
I remember reading in various places some good advice, while at the hospital:
If you're not into pain, and not against meds, take what is offered!
I was very very sore--
I took the 'ice diaper' and meds to help with the pain.
I also took the stool softener.
Don't try to be a 'big girl' and tough that one out!
Anything they have extras of in the hospital, don't be shy, take them home!
-Peri bottle, pads, diapers, blankets etc.
Items I highly suggest you buy/have on hand prior to coming home.
-Granny panties {the bigger, the better. No joke.}
I got two packs from Target and am still rocking them.
-Fuzzy socks {feet were swollen for a few days after delivery}
-A cute nursing top to come home in. 
(Got mine from The Gap)
{It felt nice to wear something new and feel pretty after being beaten up!}
-I have 3 nursing bras that I really like; I'd like to get a few more.
-Breast pads; I bought one box and I'm out and need to get more today!
-Have enough huge maxi pads in each of your bathrooms.
{You won't have enough, you'll probably need to go buy more.}
-Tucks Medicated Pads & Prep H. in all bathrooms
{Don't think I need to explain}
-Ice pack in the freezer
{wrap in a towel, place down under}
-Epsom Salt
{Make yourself take a Sitz bath.
I waited and when I finally took one OMG it was such a relief}
-Stool Softener for the first week
-Motrin or Tylenol--no aspirin while nursing
 -Snacks/Drinks if you plan on nursing!
{You get so hungry, but you'll forget to eat! 
 And sometimes, you're so consumed with everything, 
you are not hungry, but still need to eat.
My husband would literally shove apple slices in my mouth.
It's important to eat/drink because it does help your milk supply so much!
Have granola bars, nuts, & dried fruit stationed around where you plan on nursing...
The livingroom, bedroom nightstand, the nursery.}
-Plastic cups w/ straws for water, Gatorade, Juice boxes easy to drink while nursing
Now that I'm in the third week,
I really feel a lot better.
Other Tips:
The first week I just couldn't get the sleep I really needed.
The advice of sleep when the baby sleeps, is very true.
You'll feel so much better.
Try and limit your guests and just sleep!
I go to You Tube and search "guided sleep meditation"
and play those to fall asleep quickly.
Otherwise my mind can race
{because there are tons of things I could be doing other than sleeping!}
-But you NEED sleep to let your body heal/repair,
and not look/act like a crazy zombie.
-Invest in some good under eye concealer.
-Shower every day.
There will be days you don't feel like it, 
but I guarantee the hot water will make you feel so much better.
-Put on a little makeup, even if it's just for you, baby and the hubs.
-Make yourself get out of the house alone at the two week mark!
It seriously helped me so much.
-Take food donations! Friends/family may offer food, just take it.
You and your husband will be grateful!
I will admit that I had some anxiety the first week and a half.
I'd get a little worked up around 6-8pm and 
I think it was because I was nervous about baby keeping my husband up at night. 
He had to go back to work the second week home.
It's important Joe stays healthy, as he has Crohn's and stress can cause it to act up.
I just made sure to talk to my husband and let him know how I was feeling,
as I know it's important in any relationship to communicate.
I know 'baby blues' are normal,
but I wanted to make sure I wasn't traveling down the road of PPD.
I can see how easily you can feel isolated and alone,
 if you don't take care of you yourself.
Don't be afraid to ask other moms tons of questions!!
Once I became more confident
{and my crazy hormones leveled out}
I feel much better now.
Although, I have yet to leave the house with her and I alone,
we may tackle that adventure today!
Speaking of hormones, beware!
They are a tad over the top and you may cry at the dumbest things.
I was crying to my husband one night because no one 
ever says that Brooke looks like me;
they all say she looks like him.
You'll probably tear up over things that make you really happy 
and things that you're nervous or afraid of.
You'll begin to appreciate the words,
"You're doing a great job mom!"
It's funny how much those words mean to a new mommy.
Realize that it really is a huge adjustment and soon enough,
you'll get into a rhythm.
I know I have quite a bit of recovering to do,
so I really just listen to my body.
I still rest when I need to and if the house is messy,
I know it will get cleaned eventually.
I still have the pubic bone pain on my left side,
which totally sucks to feel it as I walk.
I'm hoping it mends itself,
and if not, maybe a chiropractor will help.
I also think my abs separated
I'll just say it's still hard to get up off the couch.
And I got stretch marks.
Right under my belly button.
I just try to stay focused on all that is right, happy, and well.
I am so thankful for a super healthy and happy baby;
I'll take the pain for now.
As my husband sweetly said, it took 9 months to get her here,
it's going to take some time for my body to get back to 'normal'.
Remember if you don't take care of you,
you won't be able to take care of your baby!


  1. Very informative post- wish I would have read this 3 years ago before my first baby :)

  2. You are doing great at getting adjusted! :)

  3. I've loved reading all your baby posts! That was some great info to keep in mind when we decide to have a little one! So glad y'all are all doing well!

    xo Julia

  4. I am not expecting nor do I have a child and I find these posts extremely informative because I'm so nervous about what to expect when that time comes!

  5. love this, and starring in my reader to look back later.. Thanks love! and good luck today!

  6. i love this!! these are the posts women like me need for when i do have a baby. I'm saving this on my favorites!! And p.s. not sure how you feel about push presents but be looking for yours ;)

  7. So good to know!! Thank you for your openness & honesty. I know you are doing a FANTASTIC job and sweet Miss Brooke is SO blessed to have you for a mommy! Rest, rest, rest!!

  8. I've been thinking of you, Jenn! Thanks for sharing the ups and downs of those first few weeks (very eye-opening for me, as you'd imagine!).

    I just know you're one amazing mum, and that you and Joe are great parents to sweet Baby Brooke! I love seeing your beautiful Instagram photos every day!

    <3 Keep hanging in there and getting that body back to recovery!

  9. Such a great post. I really appreciate the honesty as I prepare for this journey!! Xo


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