Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Enjoying October: Pumpkins

Last week I took Brooke to her first pumpkin patch. She just LOVED it.  Since everything is so new, I just love watching her. The way her little hands grab a hold of the pumpkin, or her fingers feel the straw.  She is so curious and just soaking all of it right up.

It was a super unusually warm day, so it was nice to enjoy the sunshine.  We just picked up a few gourds because I knew I wanted to pick out our "family pumpkins" with Daddy. 

We had fun with our friends though!

And of all times she's been standing, she refused to stand up for me to take a picture here! haha

Little stinker.

So while I had grand visions of frolicking through the pumpkin patch, happily picking out pumpkins, we ended up quickly just getting them after work and before going out to dinner last night...

That's the thing about parenting {life} is that we have expectations or big ideas, and sometimes you just have to do the best you can with what you have. 

Brooke has had a cold the last few days, and well now my husband and I aren't feeling that well. However, his work schedule is crazy the next few weeks and we won't have time to go other than last night.  I knew I wanted to get some cute photos of us, so I curled my hair.

But then I steamed up the bathroom with a hot shower running so I could give Brooke a bath since she's been a little stuffy and needed to be cleaned up. 

So there went my hair!  And taking care of a sick baby makes one mommy not feel so hot & pretty.  But that's ok...this is real life and I don't have a nanny.  And I don't have makeup and hair artists to swoop in and make me look like a supermodel.

We still had our first pumpkin picking experience as a family and it was fabulous.  My runny nosed little angel is so beautiful, and even though I can see it in her eyes she didn't feel her best, she still put on some smiles.

Life isn't a photoshoot;  It's so much more than that.

We celebrated with some family last night, as today is my hubby's birthday!!  We had sushi and hibachi.  Miss Brooke was a big help opening gifts.

Happy Birthday baby!!

I love you more.


  1. Looks so fun... I can't wait till I take Julian to the pumpkin patch this year. Brooke looks so cute laying on the yay.

  2. You look amazing in those photos!!! Pumpkin patches are so much fun :) Brooke's smile is contagious!! Happy birthday to your hubby!

  3. She is so cute! And she picked a great pumpkin!

  4. She is getting so big! She is such a little beauty:) love her blonde hair. Pumpkin patches are my favorite but we probably won't make it there until next weekend.. you look fabulous also. Love the scarf;)

  5. love these pics! i can't wait til next year when Kenz will be able to enjoy the pumpkin patch like this :)

  6. I just love birthdays! They are such a great time to celebrate the people you love <3 Wonderful pumpkin patch photos! What a great family memory!


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