Monday, October 7, 2013

Weekend Fun: Fall Finds!

We had a fabulous first weekend in October; how was yours?!  Hubs had the whole thing off, so we took advantage and had my mother in law watch baby girl.  We had the whole day and night (Saturday) to do whatever we wanted.  Of course we hit up a mall!!

I needed foundation.

I prefer the mineral version instead of ready.  {$27}

And I ended up getting Blush (The Secrets Out) as well...


I also ended up getting Mineral Veil


But I ended up getting ALL THREE and an adorable silver bag to keep in my purse, for only $55!  I  was so happy with that deal.  Plus I had a gift card still from my hubby, [last Christmas!] and so it was an awesome save!


Unfortunately, I did not have any great deals at Aldo. But I now own the most beautiful pair of taupe boots.  Say hello to them; I am so in love! They fit well and I did buy the inserts to make them even more comfortable.  I cannot wait to style them with my wardrobe!!

I had some fun in Express too; a few shirts and some jeggings---those babies are on sale! They're so comfy and so I had to buy two.  Plus, the sale buy one get one for $29!

I will admit that I don't love the 80's rocker look that has come back.  I don't want high tops, faded wash jean jackets, and I can only handle so much lace...So I was hoping for a few more cute shirts; I'm talking about flirty fun tops that don't scream mom. Any suggestions?!

After the mall, we had dinner reservations at 7 at our favorite restaurant.  Someone had opened a car door into my husband's car, so after we dealt with that, we didn't have time to go back to our house and get back to the restaurant on time.  


We ended up stopping at the hotel we were at a few weeks ago, and changing into a few of our new items, and just going to the dinner.  Luckily I had a whole new outfit and makeup!!  I couldn't stop laughing and I wondered if the front valet guys noticed we just went in and changed our clothes....they did say, "Welcome back" which made the whole situation so darn funny.

Only us.

After dinner we met my sister and brother out for a few drinks...we need more photos!

Sunday Baby Brooke was still stuffy, sneezing, runny nose and coughing.  It was mostly a rainy dreary day, but it cleared up and we ended up taking an nice walk in the tropic-like weather!

I made a simple dinner: Romantic Chicken Mushroom & Artichoke and a side salad.

Simple yet tasty!  Recipe here. I'm not sure what makes it "romantic" other than me whining to the hubs, "I don't know what to maaaaaaaaaaake."  Then coming out of the kitchen 45 minute later with this.  One of the reasons he loves me so much! haha

And last, but not least...

I love everything about this.  Except? I'm not a runner.  I have an elliptical in the garage that needs to be used and some weights. I have DVDs.  I have the internet.  I have a  workout bench/set in the basement.  What I do need?  MOTIVATION.

So my girl Rachel out in Cali {who is nursing her beautiful baby girl and doing AdvoCare} and I are going to keep each other in check.  Daily text messages stating our workouts.

1 thirty minute workout 4 times a week. [thank you Nikki!]

We can do this!

I know once I make a habit out of it, much like I did with clean eating, I will be all set.

Anyone else care to join in on the fit mama train? We're going to hottieville.  Ok yes, I'm a dork, but for real. It's time to keep our hearts pumpin and keep on lookin like hot mamas!


  1. I love the mineral makeup as well. I use American Beauty from Kohl's (because it's made in America and I'm a freak about that). Glad you had fun - your hotel adventure makes the whole story.

  2. YOU are welcome!

    Love the boots!

  3. I'm always down to be on the Fit Mama train!! I'm absolutely OBSESSED with those boots, and I live in jeggings during Fall/Winter.

    Looks like you had a great weekend!

  4. You really scored with the deals! I swear by the bare minerals stuff, and I LOVE those boots!

  5. I got a sample of the Mineral Veil from Sephora this past week! I just ordered a ton of new makeup:) I haven't tried it yet though. I need something to make my makeup last longer! Those boots are fabulous!

  6. Great steal on the Bare Minerals! The powder foundation is my fave!! Also loving the boots...I am trying to figure out if I can pull off the boot look.

  7. hottieville! whoop whoop! We're on our way!

  8. I love mineral makeup I use it all the time:O)

  9. Oh, how I love hearing about shopping trips! Great deal at Bare Minerals, and it's always so fun finding the perfect pair of boots!


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