Thursday, October 10, 2013

In Good Health

I love sharing information with people and helping others attain their health goals.  Most of the time it's people who want to lose weight, but sometimes?  It's just to feel well again.  The typical American diet is really full of garbage. While I hope that this isn't being consumed daily by any one person, it is definitely a problem in our society.

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Obviously I am a firm believer in proper nutrition, but also taking the right vitamins and supplements.  There are a few that I know that if I stop taking for a few days, I see a HUGE difference.  While my absolute favorite is the MNS Max 3, [there is just so much packed into that daily strip pack; it's a NO excuses way of getting what we need daily!] there are a few other products you'll see in my cupboard and anyone who will listen to me and know how good they'll feel after taking these!

Probiotic Restore
  • Helps maintain normal beneficial intestinal microflora*
  • Supports healthy intestinal function*
  • Enhances weight management*
  • Improves nutrient absorption*
  • Aids in good digestion*
  • Provides immune system support*
  • Helps relieve symptoms of occasional constipation* 

Some people may not want to "talk about" some of these TMI issues, but let's be real. We are all human and sometimes our bodies can get a little wacky.   Basically that whole nether-region down below could benefit from introducing probiotics into our system.  Have you thought about using Probiotic Restore?
 In some of my research, I stumbled on this nugget: "Of the products tested, AdvoCare’s Probiotic Restore is one that contained the amount of CFUs promised on the label."  I LOVE reading that the company I work for, has really top of the line products. 
Dr Oz here

I've raved about the importance of OMEGAS here...I still swear they're making my hair, nails (grow) and skin glow!!

Not to mention little miss Brooke had a cold and my husband and I both got it...however, it's interesting that he is waaaaaaaaaay more sick than me.  I'm talking, constant runny nose, chest congestion, etc.  I have a little tickle in my throat and a few sneezes here and there. Could it be all the fabulous vitamins packed into the Coreplex multivitamin?? 

It comes in the MNS Max  3, so I have been diligently taking them every day!! 

I just ordered some of the Immunogaurd--- I only wish I had known about this stuff back when I was teaching! I was constantly getting sick.  My teacher friends swear by it!  I am happy to have it on hand come cold/flu season!

  • Provides support for a healthy immune system*
  • Enhances antioxidant activity*
  • Provides heightened responsiveness of the immune system*
  • Supports occasional respiratory challenges*
  • Combats the effects of stress and fatigue*
  • Excellent source of vitamins C and D
  • Someone who wants improved immune support and/or has respiratory challenges
  • Someone concerned with general health and well-being
  • Someone who suffers from frequent sickness and/or high stress

 I am always here and definitely want to help!  It's not always about losing weight, but feeling great should be on the top of everyone's priority list. I know that when I'm feeling well, everything in life seems to go a bit more smoothly. 


  1. I take fish oil every day! And not just 1 pill... no, I take FOUR pills a day... that's like, 3600 mgs or something redic like that. Loving that you share all of this! Great read!

  2. I really need to be better about giving my body the appropriate nutrition! Great and very informative post, Jenn!


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