Monday, September 29, 2014

Pumpkin Pickin

Happy Monday!! What a nice weekend we had.  The weather is unbelievable lately--like 80 degrees and sunny! I love it, but I am too big for my shorts and refuse to buy more; and I'm ready to sport cute cooler weather clothes!  Brooke was still fighting off her cold, so we hung around the house Friday and Saturday, except to bring up Daddy lunch on Saturday.  Sunday she still had a bit of a runny nose, but we wanted to take advantage of the gorgeous weather!  Joe worked on the nursery some more and we are about ready for the carpet to be put in and then we can get the furniture! 

I had to put this new cute vest I got Brookie at Target.  Even though it was going to be too warm, a few photo ops were had!  {yes, Joe thought I was crazy, but how cute is she in it?!}

Smelling the mums.

So big.

Is it me, or do you see a little girl already?? My baby is so big!

A little after noon we hopped in the truck and went for a drive.  We love checking out different areas in the country and swooning over million dollar houses.  Brooke fell asleep for about a half hour, which was perfect!

We decided to check out a little pumpkin farm near where Joe works.  It was super cute!! There was a corn maze and a hay ride, which we did not do. It was really hot and we weren't sure how much Brooke would be able to handle since it was really the first time she's been out and about all week.

She was like, "What the heck?!" With all of the pumpkin scarecrows.

We enjoyed our cider and donut.

Drinking like a big girl.

Then we were off to find our pumpkins!

Mama's pumpkin.  Brookie's pumpkin.

Daddy's pumpkin.

I love this shot.

Out front they had a bunch of pumpkins already picked and a ton of stuff for the kiddos to look at.

She LOVED the piggies.

She did not think much of the outhouse.

And she was petrified of the teepee at first…

But once she got in, she was fine.

"All these gunkins!!!!"

I think it will be cool to see how tall she is next year!

Little Miss Muffet?

I am SO happy we did this, even if it was a tad early in the year.  The leaves are all changing color already and the next few weekends are booked with a wedding and Joe's tent sale.  So, yay for family Fall fun!!!  I just kept thinking (and saying) I can't believe next year we will have two kids to bring!  Did you get outside and do anything Fall-esque this weekend?  I really want to do one or two more farms with her…she just loves it!

We ended the night with a San Fran win--yay!! Brooke was so tired, she actually napped on the living room floor--A FIRST---she never just lays down to sleep!!!

Oh, and to look back and see how much she's grown, check out my post last year when we had fun with pumpkins, HERE!! 

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  1. You look amazing!! LOVE that top and her little vest. What a fun outing. As always a beautiful family and amazing photos.


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