Thursday, April 2, 2015

10 Day Cleanse


bust 39     
waist 40.5
hips 41
left thigh 23
right thigh 23
right calf 14.5
left calf 14.5
left bicep 12
right bicep 12
neck 12.5

After 10 day cleanse:

bust 37.5
waist 38
hips 38
left thigh 22
right thigh 22
left calf 14
right calf 14
left bicep 11
right bicep 11
neck 12.5

Total inches lost:  12!!  

As for pounds? 

Roughly 2.

I can see why people get frustrated the the scale doesn't move; this is the first time that during the cleanse I didn't lose a lot of pounds, but I know that I feel leaner and my clothes are fitting better. I am so happy that I took measurements!!  I also know that doing this the right way, I will ensure that these pounds won't creep back up on me.

Not the best side by side, but I see a difference! (And feel!)

The cleanse isn't really meant as a weight loss product anyway; sure people generally lose on it, but really it's to help get your body running at its optimum speed and flush out alllllll of the gunk!  So if you're ever thinking of doing a cleanse, don't do it for the wrong reasons! It will definitely be good for you to do, but don't expect to drop a crazy amount of weight in only 10 days.  This is all about being healthy remember!

So today I start the Max Phase today and I chose MNS E because it's my favorite and this mama needs her extra energy-wahooooo!  I will also be taking Thermoplus, Catalyst, Spark, Carb-ease as needed and I ordered Slim to try as well.  

As for workouts, I pushed pause on my T-25 because of my ankle. My goal is to start back up on Monday. 


  1. so excited for you! Ps. Like you didn't already know, but ya know, you gave me hope after the first baby and now again after the next babe I know losing the baby weight is so possible!! I used to be so afraid of just getting pregnant because of my body changing. Love ya girl and thanks again for being so motivating and also showing me Advo!

  2. great job...i just find out my second Surgery going to be in May After that I really want t do the 10 Cleanse again. You look so good

  3. great job! i could never stick to something like that!

  4. You look awesome! Good job. I have no will power for a cleanse. One day. :)

  5. You KILLED IT with the cleanse!! AWESOME JOB :-D


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