Friday, April 17, 2015

Little of This and That

I miss blogging!! More than anything, I know I will miss what was going on when I go to look back!! Isn't that one of the best reasons to blog? I just love reading through old "entries" and seeing what I was up to a year or two, three…ago.

 Brooke has been boycotting her eggs in the morning. I think she would like them with lots of cheese, but I'm "that mom" and I try to limit stuff like cheese.  And she loves her cheese stick snacks! So, I saw these in our organic section---I'll be honest, I tried one and it tastes kinda blah, but I pour in a little bit of vanilla almond milk (organic) and she LOVES it.  She's pretty messy eating it, but yay for finding another breakfast food!

I think she eats more than I eat right now.  It's crazy!

Seriously, this one just cracks me up so much! I can't even capture all of the funny moments, like yesterday as she looked up at me while I was cutting a pineapple, she was sticking penne pasta up her nose.  It took all of me not to laugh and to just tell her how inappropriate it was!  Last night before bed, she started to lick my face---no clue where she learned that from either. She is such a ham.  I was trying to do my hair Saturday and this is the sulk I got because I couldn't read her the book right then and there.

She is starting to dress herself…#frozeneverything

I tried on one of his new hats while I was folding the laundry; it looks like it is fitting perfectly at the moment--I am not sure for how long though!? 6-9 months size.

We are LOVING the warmer temps! It's in the 60s, so we keep blankets on him, but he is rocking a six month short/polo combo.

Tuesday we went to the mall and Brookie got some new summer clothes!! She is already into 5T or XS girls.  I still cannot believe how big she is!  I also wanted to get her some new shades and sun hat to protect her fair skin.  She has skin like mine, so we burn very easily.  Childrens Place had some wonderful clothes and I think it's safe to say she's set (until I see something else she just needs to have ha!) Shopping for the kids is so much fun.

However, I will say that Old Navy had some girls' cut off shorts that I just don't think are appropriate. I am that mom, already, I told you.  Oy.  We are gonna have a long road ahead with fashion and technology, etc I am sure, but I am ready!  One day at a time though.  For now,  I'm just trying to get her to use the potty and pick up toys. haha!

So that's the latest scoop!  Totally started this post on Thursday, but now it's Friday…I ended up making dinner for hubby and all the people he works with, since so many of them are out sick, some  (like my man) got stuck working over time.  They really enjoyed my Man pleasing Chicken, Jasmine Rice  (throw it into a rice cooker, boo ya!) , tomato salad and Apple Spice Cake.  Much better than any fast food joint!  And, I just love taking care of other people.  Probably one of the main reason my husband and I get along so well.  However, everyone needs to recharge, and I must say that my 20 minute hot shower just hit the spot!! Mom life is no joke and I may have texted my hubby a picture of my favorite wine, that is calling my name…so maybe he'll stop by and grab me a bottle.  :D  Although, a shower wine would have been nice, but let's be real.  It's only 1:30 in the afternoon.

TGIF my loves!  

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