Wednesday, April 8, 2015

Easter {First Holiday as a Family of 4!}

We dyed eggs last year, but little Brooke wasn't really into it…[last Easter here]  Two things--1.  I was in SUPER good shape. and 2. I was prego and didn't know it haha!

This year we even had Daddy join in on the fun! I need to get clear cups for next year.

Mr Bubs woke up and wanted to see what was going on

Brookie was fascinated with the colored eggs.

Hey! I wanna color eggs too!

I think Joe may have had the most fun… he then had colored fingers because he used food coloring too.

I still can't believe we have both a little girl and a little boy.  I cannot tell you how much fun it is! I've always been used to little girls, being the oldest of 3, I know girls.  Boys?  This is a whole new area to me!

We didn't put a ton of stuff in their baskets, but we did buy a few smaller toys we put in the eggs and she LOVED them!  Joe made a trail of the eggs to her basket.  Next year we will actually hide it.

My handsome little man all dressed up!  Here is the bow tie that led to the entire Easter outfit coordination.

I mean, really.  How stinkin cute?  Again, maybe it's because I grew up with all girls, but I just think little boys are SO freakin adorable.

Brooke refuses to smile for selfies lately.  We need to work on that!

Sisterly {gangsta} love #ricophotobomb

Father Daughter Love.

My contributions?  Mimosas -- Champs & Pineapple Mango are my fave!  And Bacon with Caramel & Ganache.  I did them the way the recipe said to, and I did half on the stove top in a pan.  I prefer bacon to not be too crispy, so I liked it in the pan.  I also didn't use heavy cream, I warmed chocolate almond milk & mixed semi-sweet chocolate chips, as that is what I had on hand.

We then re-created our first Easter photo like we had with Brooke.  {here}

Papa with his first grandson.

Me & my man.

Aunt Brianna & Uncle Eric

Papa & Nana

My dad kept making Brooke laugh hysterically; it was so cute.

Me and the hubs.  We clean up nice ha!  

After my parents, we headed over to my in-laws for a little tea and dessert.  Totally did not snap ONE photo.  #fail   The Easter bunny spoiled the kids there too, lucky ducks!  It was a beautiful day and filled with much love.  Holidays are so sweet with little ones.

Hope your Easter was EGG-stra special. Bahaha. #sorrynotsorry


  1. So much fun! Such awesome pics. Love your hair lady. So crazy to look back!

  2. look a-mazing! Second. Your lil family is my fave. The cutest pictures! Looks like a fun day!

  3. look a-mazing! Second. Your lil family is my fave. The cutest pictures! Looks like a fun day!

  4. love the family Easter photos family of 4 awww.. Love the babies bow tie ..


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