Friday, April 24, 2015

3 Months {Bradley Joseph}


You're (over) 3 months…and I am just a little in shock about this.  You are the sweetest little boy I have ever laid eyes on, and I can tell you're going to have a heart of gold.

Our bed {you will fall asleep instantly, then I move you to your crib}
Daddy--just hearing his voice you start turning your head all over
Being held up high and talked to in goofy voices
Jungle floor activity mat.  You'll talk to your little friends for a LONG time!
Bouncer seat--in the kitchen
Dancing.  Your Daddy, Brooke and I had a 70's dance party Saturday night and it was a lot of fun.

Being in the car without your binky. I can't always reach it and it's usually when we are on the expressway and I can't just pull over.  I hate hearing you cry! :(
The swing (you love it sometimes and HATE it others, so weird!)
Tummy time.  You'll be cool like 5-10 minutes but not much.

I call you Mr. Bubs.  {I've heard Daddy call you it too, but lately he calls you:}
Bradley Bean (he kind of sings it and you smiiiiiiile
Brudder.  Every morning you will hear Brooke say, "Good mooooooorning brudder!"  Either she will come tell you if you weren't awake, or she'll yell it in her room if you make noise first.


Full blown belly laughs.
Starting to stick out tongue and talking so much more.
Wanting to sit up more, you're about half way to being on your own I would say.

You are just so in love with your sister; if I could only get her to see how much you stare and watch her.  You are such a love bug; I can't help but squeeze, hold and love on you every moment that I get.  I know for a fact how fast this time will fly, so I definitely find myself just relaxing with you and sister--being in the moment.  You love to listen to us read books, sing songs and just be goofballs.  You also watch the TV! I don't know if it's the colors or what, but you'll watch it if Brookie is watching one of her shows.


Fall asleep swaddled in the swing (not moving) or our bed between 9:30/10pm.  If I'm lucky, you'll sleep through, or most likely get up around 3:30/4:30.  Lately it's been a lot more, but I think it was the lack of meds…so 12:30, 2:30, 4:30 6:30

You woke up 6:30 on Sunday morning wide awake.  Chirping like a bird.  I'm talking, you had no desire to go back to sleep.  So, I brought you downstairs and you talked in your swing, so I could sleep an extra hour.

You've been all over the place, which is fine.  You slept through two nights and Daddy and I were like, OH MY!! I almost got a little sad because you're the baby and I wasn't ready to not hold you and feed you in the middle of the night.  So, you heard me say that and decided to keep waking up!!  I think you slept through two more times, but that is about it.  I try to give you a dream feed, but sometimes that wouldn't be until 12/1 and I am not up that late, so you'll just wake me if you're hungry.  You love your food and when you are old enough, I am SURE you will be like your sister in that regard.  Ok, I hope.  She was/is such a good little eater, but I attribute that to your Daddy and I.  We just love good food, so that is pretty much all you'll know.  You'll hate college food one day, trust me!

We are getting ready for when you can sit in the doorway swing and the exersaucer.  I put you in it for a second and you were SO excited for all the friends/toys on it, but you're still too tiny and I am in NO hurry.  I wanted to see how much little-ness I had left!

I don't wish time away, I LOVE YOU LITTLE--but I hope that once you can sit up on your own and eat solids, it will be thicker and help your little belly digest, and not come back up!!  We are trying you on a new medicine and still haven't decided if we are going to have you go through the upper GI next week…we believe you are healthy and well, but peace of mind may be worth it.

I love you so much baby boy; just like I do with Brooke, I have visions of what kind of boy and man you will be.  I see such a little brute in you; a big strong guy who will have such a loving heart.  I should be sleeping too right now, but I can't help but love the sound of your little breath over your pacifier.  All swaddled, snuggled and cozied up.  If I could keep you and Brooke this age, I would.  So sweet. So innocent.  You're at the perfect age where you make me crazy changing 20 diapers a day, but my heart so full, it feel as though it may burst.  I just don't think I could kiss either of you enough; but I sure try every day.

We love you so much Bradley Joseph!


  1. Gah! Didn't you just have him?!? How is he 3 months already?!!

  2. Aw I love him❤ this makes me so excited but sad that it goes by so fast..I hope he starts feeling better asap on the new meds!

  3. 3 months!?! Stop right there. That's crazy! He is so happy and sweet. I see more much Brooke in him!!


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