Monday, November 23, 2015

Arizona {business trip!}

We're baaaaaack!   And went from Palm trees and sun, to this! haha I love it.

Oh my goodness, I can't even begin to explain the amount of "awesome" that happened on our little trip to AZ.  First and foremost, I almost forgot how much I enjoyed traveling, like really getting out there and seeing new sights.  We've been busy making/raising babies these last few years, so it was as if the universe really just took a hold of us and shook us (in a good way) to remind us how important and life changing a little traveling can do.

We left New York bright and early, a 7 am flight.

You can't really tell we were sleepy because we were so excited!  I won't lie, it was hard to leave both babes and I certainly shed a few tears when dropping them off…but to reconnect just the two of us and bring us back to "us" and what we love to do: travel = incredible.

We landed in Chicago and I started seeing everyone with red cups---I hadn't really had any coffee other than a few sips at home, so I was in need of some caffeine:

The flight into Phoenix was a little bumpy and I was grateful I took my Dramamine.  This view though?? Holy smokes.

We pulled up to the Omni Resort & Spa and it seriously looked like out of a movie.

We were tucked away in the back, room 1702.

It was a little cooler there than the average temps, but man that sunshine felt oh so good! I was a little nervous about scorpions, but we didn't see any. Joe was kind of bummed, but I was perfectly fine with that!

Our view out of the patio.

We were so hungry and a little wonky with the 2 hour time change, so we were super excited for some lunch at the fancy burger bar.

We loved its simple decor--so modern chic!

Like I said, I was little bit of a mini mess leaving the kids behind, and my friend Alison said once I got there and had a relaxing drink with Joe, I'd feel much better.

She was right.

We had a yummy chicken quesadilla appetizer and I had a delicious Kale salad with shaved parm and a lemon vinaigrette-- so good!

We each ordered one more drink and just walked, talked, laughed, and enjoyed life.

We then went back to the room and fell asleep for a good 2 hour nap!  Don't remember the last time just the two of us took a nap. I will take any reason to bum around in a robe. Don't you just love hotel robes? Or am I just weird.

We went out for some sushi with another couple that was there and got to take our first Über! It was definitely a little more chilly than we hoped, but that didn't stop us from having a great time.  I was happy to have my faux fur vest and blanket scarf to bundle up with.

We weren't out super late, and the sushi was just okay.  It's supposedly "the place" to go, and we (being sushi snobs) weren't terribly impressed.  In fact, the night we flew home we went directly to our favorite spot and had dinner at 9:30 because we missed it so much. 

I can't wait to share more of our trip…cont'd...

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