Wednesday, November 11, 2015

Curling Wand [hair talk]

Hey hey hey!! I feel totally revived after our relax/staycation! I have lots of goals and am ready to keep sharing lots of fun things on this here old blog. Hope ya don't mind!

Today I thought I'd share how I get my hair curly, like so-

It's a different curl than when I use the straightener, and I honestly love both!  This is more of a flirty, fun, beachy wave, and it can get a little crazy! In my opinion, it's perfect for date nights and times when you want to stand out a little bit. Plus, the hubs loves it, so that's always good.

I have ridiculously thick hair, which lead to the mom chop pre-Bradley and post Brooke.  I loved it, but then missed my  longer locks.  I have been growing it out since then, and the last hair cut I got, I actually added more layers so it evened out when I part in the middle and I think it looks fab!

My products I talk about are sold in salons only, I believe, but I am sure you can find similar products!  For me the key is to use a volume mousse--something to give your hair texture before you blow it dry.  Usually I use smoothing creams or gels, but when you want that crazy curl, I think that works best.   A good hair spray is key after you curl it, but I hate the crunch of some sprays, so a sea salt spray works best for me.  I like to be able to still run my fingers through the curls.

I just started recording on a whim, I thought maybe it'd be helpful for some of my friends to see how I achieved this type of curl, so by no means is this an excellent tutorial! I was getting ready and the kids were playing--Bradley was in his crib with toys and you can clearly hear, them…hope it's not too distracting.  If you'd like to see more tutorials, let me know!  PS you can totally see my crazy bruises--I still don't know how I got the big one on my wrist, I think I banged it in the door Halloween, but the small ones on my triceps are from the baby! He's such a pincher---ow!

Curling Wand is $21 on Amazon!

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