Tuesday, November 3, 2015

Staycation Begins!

Happy Tuesday!! I am so excited for so many things around here.  Super detailed over here, I know.  But really, we had an incredible Halloween, with far too few photos.  Can I just say, I had NO idea how hard it would be to get two little ones all bundled up and out the door to trick-or-treat in costume, with the doorbell ringing and my husband scaring off little kids in his big bad wolf mask?!  Oy, it was quite the sight!  When we eventually did make it out of the house, we had a ball.

And while I am beyond thrilled about Christmas, I have to check myself because even though my husband doesn't love turkey, he does love the idea of Thanksgiving.   I thought of him when I saw this!

Baby boy is just growing up so darn fast!! Post bath curls and pre bedtime bottle.

As for trick-or-treating? Brooke was on the hunt for lollipops. It was the only candy she wanted, and of course so few people hand out lollipops!  She also had a mini fit over not having a glow stick. #momfail  Next year I will stockpile those bad boys so that she can glow with the rest of the minions. Overall, she did great! We actually went around to a lot of houses and she was probably more interested in their dogs, cats, or other noises.  She even told one lady, "Close the door!" When she was done getting candy.  I don't know where she gets all that sass from.

Yesterday I took advantage of that awesome sitter we found (she's in between and looking for a full time job, so I had to take what I could get!) and I cashed in a gift card to a beautiful spa that Joe won.  I felt a little bad with the whole "no spend november" but when you find someone to trust with your kids, it's hard to not just use them! Once our sitter gets hired elsewhere, I may not find someone again until February! So, $60 spent on her was worth it.  My gift card covered both a pedicure and facial--and tip for both! I feel totally rejuvenated and my skin looks awesome.  I even got to hit up Trader Joe's for our grocery trip this week.  I love their stuff!

So today begins my husband's "staycation."  He loves to hunt, and so that is exactly where he is this very moment.  I am hoping he gets his trophy buck and we can just relax the rest of the week! We have dinner plans one night and we have our big "Friday Night Meatballs" coming up this Friday. I am a little nervous as to how many people will be here, a lot have said yes!  But I just keep reminding myself that if you have more than enough, build a bigger table, so that is what we shall do.

The kids and I are going out to my dad's while Joe hunts and I do believe my step mom and I will be making some apple pies.  It will be nice to get out and visit for awhile.  As my husband put it, he's just happy to live a little bit of a "normal" life this week.  Meaning, he won't be working 8-8 and living at work.  We are more than excited to have him around for a bit!!  He's done the stay cation thing now, since I started this blog, back in 2011.   Two times I was super pregnant and he usually and a list of baby stuff to finish up…but this year, we can just play! Have you taken a staycation?  What do you like to do when you're off from work?

I'm going to try something new and attempt to make a weekly vlog, highlighting some moments in our lives each week.  I am having fun with the video, so bear with me while I learn to edit etc.  I hope you enjoy!  Subscribe to my channel for updates.

And I uploaded our trick-or-treat at Wegmans last week too, if you want to see the kids in their costumes some more.


  1. Thanksgiving is my favorite!! Love the idea of doing videos!

    1. What's your favorite dish?? I'm hoping to do a post soon on that! Thanks, I hope people enjoy the videos!!

  2. As much as I love actually going somewhere on vacation as I have gotten older and have settled down I now appreciate the staycation! So relaxing! Enjoy ever minute!

    The apple pies your baking...are they like the one you brought down 2 years ago? If so they were so good!

    1. Yes!! And the pies didn't happen…oy~ we were looking for a deer that Joe shot…so no pies. I hope soon though! YUMMMM


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