Friday, January 8, 2016

5 on Friday

TGIF Friends!! I am super excited for the weekend.  I got to sneak out and get my hair done so that's always fun. I chatted with my hair dresser about a lot, but we may have an idea where we want to go on our family vacation in July. Yipee! I figured I'd round up 5 things to share this lovely Friday.  I wanted to stick to my blogging schedule and bam, here we go:


So far, it's been a good new year! We are still battling this darn cough, but still in good spirits!  These two are really starting to play together and I just die every time.  I know they'll fight etc, because that is what siblings do, but when they're getting along it's so darn cute!  

Vision Board

I keep hearing from every direction, write down your goals. Create a vision board.  Focus on it. The universe will respond. SO? I only had two magazines so I used what I could! I figured it's something I should do more often, so I'll start saving catalogs too!  Even Brookie was pasting and sticking things on her paper. It was fun and I now have this inspirational board to look at each day.


I have having so much fun with KEEP! More than anything, I am using it as a "reward" for doing my daily chores, meal prep, etc. Once I get all my tasks done and have some down time, I reach for my kit and start playing, or go and play with the online design tool.  I see a lot of people coloring etc and say it's therapeutic for them...well I feel like that with KEEP! It's such a fun and creative outlet.  Not too shabby it's a hobby that earns extra money too. 

Life Coach

If you are looking for some extra motivation in your life (ps you do NOT have to be in direct sales to enjoy this lady, but she specializes in it!) Check out Coach Julia! I had a free Face-time sesh with her and wow.  It helped me focus big time, in all areas of my life.  Sometimes you really need to talk things out to someone new to figure everything out.  I highly suggest her-she's on insta, FB & has a website.

Date Day

I am probably most excited for Sunday!
Hubby and I are getting to go on a date. I can't remember the last night we went out to just be the two of us.  We've had fun parties and gone out Christmas shopping, but Sunday we have my sister watching the kiddos! We originally wanted to go see the new Leo movie, but I don't think I want to sit in a theater for that many hours and not be able to talk to my husband! I kind of want to go grab a bite to eat, and take a drive like the good old days! Maybe we'll check out some open houses and snag some decorating ideas.  Sounds good to me! 


  1. LOVE your vision board! I made a list of intentions, but a vision board to coincide would be so fun!

    1. Thank you!! It really didn't take too long and I love love love looking at it!

  2. Vision boards are soooo cool!!! I love how yours turned out! :)

    Also, your date night sounds lovely! Movies are fun, but I agree...getting to actually talk and catch up is so much better.


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