Friday, January 29, 2016

Follow Friday

I cannot tell you how excited I am to be connecting with some truly beautiful people.  I love blogging and all of the different friends I have made in this internet world.

I reached out to one sweet girl, to see if she wanted to do a little collaboration with KEEP and her blog and my goodness, we had a ball at her online social.

Jessica was en route to her hometown and pulled over into a parking lot, since she had gotten stuck in traffic, to attend her online party!  I am so happy you were such a trooper and appreciate all of your efforts.

I had to share her blog and her post about KEEP.  Once again, it's more than just pretty arm candy; for sure it is so fun and gorgeous to look at, but when I saw Jessica's word of the year, "JOY" I knew she had to have some Keep pieces.

If you take a closer look into her life and blog, you'll see how much she has endured at such a young age.  It's women like this that even though I have never met in person, I know she has impacted me and my life in ways I can't even explain.

Thank you for being such an amazing hostess Jessica and for collaborating with me.  And a quick "Happy Birthday" to KEEP as it turns ONE today!

Who else should I be following in this beautiful blog world?  I love connecting with other women all over the country.


  1. Jenn, you are so sweet! Thank you for this post, the kind words, and the collaboration. I have had a blast hosting and sharing the KEEP message with my friends & family.
    a few blogs I enjoy following include ::
    Sincerely, Emily Ann
    Linens and Leggings
    Keira Lennox
    My Keep Calm and Carry On

    1. You are welcome friend!! I cannot wait to check out your recommended blogs!!


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