Thursday, June 29, 2017

Confessions and Randoms...

I confess...

...I'm so happy it's Thursday!! I'm beyond ready for the holiday weekend. Bring on the fireworks!

...I feel guilty for blogging.  I sometimes think I am "wasting" my time, but then when I think about it, I don't have many activities that I do just for me, and in a way, I hope that my blog helps others.  At least that is what I tell myself so that I don't feel guilty for taking some time to write!

...I did not want to workout today but I did it anyway.  I pushed play on my Beachbody on demand and did cardio with Shaun T.  Boom.

...I am not loving this silly weather.  Where are you Mr. Sun and please dry up all this rain?!

...I totally got my new Driver's license in the mail and cannot believe how chubby my cheeks were! The photo was taken years ago before I had while the fine lines and wrinkles are not there, man oh man my cheeks!

...Side note, I really appreciated being able to go to TOPS to get my vision checked and filling out all my info online and entirely skipping the DMV.  Not a place I want to go and bring the kiddos!

....Lots of good vibes and positive thoughts for this weekend. We have some big deals happening and I am praying for some smooth sailing!

...I have really been taking in what BrenĂ© Brown has to say.  She's got a lot of good stories and a way with explaining how our minds and hearts tend to work as women.

...That said, this quote stopped me in my tracks when I was walking the dog the other morning:

...I will fully admit I don't like the middle of things---the uncertain, the unknown, the crazy ups and downs and where the EFF is this taking us feeling...but it's so true.  Without a scary middle, there is no beautiful end.  I need to learn to embrace, get uncomfortable (even more than I was already thinking that I was) and that yes, I DO want to be in this arena.

...Confused about what I'm talking about? Do yourself a favor and grab this book:

...I'm sure I'll share more later as I am only a little ways in.

...Some days I don't feel like lifting heavy weights or jumping around like a crazy person.  It doesn't mean that I don't work out, it means I turn to Yoga.  I am obsessed with my new Alo yoga pants.

...I made the kiddos a homemade pizza last night and it took all of me to not eat the other half. #truestory

...however I did nibble a few bites and immediately felt a yuck feeling in my gut. I tossed both kids in the stroller and pushed them (it's rather heavy now!) and felt a little better.

...I saw this about about died.  Joe and I will randomly start singing this aloud and then question wth? Seriously this song is something else.

...Is it 5:00 yet?  Mama is heading out on a sushi and business date with daddy and is ready to get dolled up.

Happy Thursday!!

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