Friday, June 30, 2017

Fashion Friday

Happy Friday and Last day of the month!!! I am dodging the rain like a pro today.   Totally packed the kids up to go to the park, only to drive through a downpour and detour to the library like a boss.

Thank you Starbucks for filling my tummy with a yummy green tea latte.

I snuck out last week for a quick mani/pedi and tried out this white eyelet top which I scored in a Jena box.  LOVED it!   {PS Side braid is code for: Crazy hair, don't care...}

Saturday night we had a fun little date night.  I rocked some Purple Reign Lipsense and our new fringe choker with an #LBD (little black dress)

I also took out my new waverly covet in cream!  I love it.

Our favorite White Gita Tassels are now available in black.   Score some today!

My style inspiration comes from this one quite often: Jena Green.  Her boutique rocks and she's constantly keeping up to date with all the trends for a fabulous price.

Our new engravable bangles are precious!!

I love how these mirrored sunnies show off whatever is in front of me!  I get such a kick out of them.

Last night we had a sushi date and a biz meeting.  GOOD VIBES!

Now is the time to spend those DOT DOLLARS!!  

Bring on my favorite month: 

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