Monday, June 26, 2017

Mommy Monday

The days do tend to tie together as they rapidly speed by these last few weeks.  I love documenting photos of the kids, because as cheesy as it is, they really do grow up so darn fast!  I don't even know how we are knocking on July's door.

I do know that these three souls are my world and while it was a little long to have Daddy working so much, we survived and thrived!

We kept busy with all of the houses.  They're super helpful.

We visited Crystal up at the Tent Sale.  Here Brooke was "Meadow the Skunk."

We put on the Moana soundtrack and Brooke pretended to row a boat with a broom.

I had a preschool board meeting and didn't want to have to pay a sitter, so these two came with me!  They played pretty well and did a good job for the 2 hours.

There may have been some bribes with ice cream, when I had to run and check on a house and someone wanted to stay and play in the sandbox.  The result.

Mr playing peekabo after nap time.

Stud man.

They also may have discovered ice cream sandwiches and the aftermath of one of the balloon creations from the clown.

Bradley boo was a bit off, as he missed Daddy.  We went to my dad's birthday dinner and usually Joe goes with us when we visit, so Bradley was missing him and the ride on our Side by side.  We went on a little walk into the woods and he had so much fun throwing rocks into the stream.

Nana's homemade ice cream cake cheered him up a bit as well.

Brooke was losing her mind over it.  Clearly it was delish!

Summer has just begun and I am over the moon to see what lies ahead for us in Summer 2017!

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