Wednesday, June 28, 2017

Road Trip Snacks/Foods

We are getting excited about an upcoming vacation to Lake George.  I've been starting to prepare a bit of snacks for our trip.  While I have every intention of enjoying delicious and maybe not so nutritious meals out from time to time, I know our bodies and they crave good for us foods.

First up?  These bad boys!  I remember years ago Joe meeting a guy who had his hands in on the actual making of these.  We had a taste and they were SO good.  Had to grab them when I saw them!

I'm in an amazing accountability group where the girls share food and recipe ideas. I totally hit up Amazon for these!  Brooke likes the fruit bars and Bradley loves the sqaure bars.  I haven't tried the power snacks yet, but I love me some Justin's maple almond butter!

I'm on that mom who believes in eating as healthy as possible, but real life and simple snacks that kids will eat happen too.  Bradley loves these tomato basil lentil bean snacks, the mac and cheese is an SOS meal if the kids don't eat their dinner or are starving.  Quick oatmeal in case of breakfast meltdowns before we leave the hotel.  Brooke loves the chocolate organic pop tarts.  PBJ --because, peanut butter and jelly is always an easy go to.   Rice cakes and quest bars for me.

Apples, mint milanos & graham crackers.

My friend Ann told me about these delicious waters!

We are bringing our Ninja and going to make these happen and sip them by the pool one day. #vacay

Can't leave without this yummy drink!

My sweet friend Shelby gifted me this adorable cooler bag with my monogram.

It will be perfect to keep my cans of rose cold!

I'll also throw in deli meat, cheese sticks & yogurt tubes.  I may be overpacking but I'd rather have too much than not enough.  Been there done that before and it's no fun!!  

Bring on the loose schedule, family time, beach and poolside fun!

What healthy-ish snacks do you bring on road trips?

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  1. Someone at work just recently brought in a huge box of those grapes! I love me some smores quest bars! Have fun on vacation!


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