Friday, June 29, 2012

Bumpdate Week 13!!!

How far along?  
13 weeks today!!
I wore this outfit out yesterday, thinking I didn't look too noticeably preggars...
Top: Express 
Skirt: Kohl's maternity
Tank: F21
Earrings: F21 
However, one of the ladies at the nail salon I frequent for pedicures,
came right up and put her hand on my tummy
and said, "How far? Boy or girl?"
Granted, I haven't gotten my toes done there in awhile.
And then I picked up the dry cleaning later in the day and the girl asked me,
"Are you pregnant?"
So, I suppose the beans have really spilled and my belly's really growing!
My friend K and I went to Bare Escentuals and got our makeup did'. 
{The above shots I am sans makeup}
This is my after shot:
And I may or may not have bought 
The Happy Place.
Damn makeup boutique and excellent salesgirls!
Maternity clothes? 
I didn't want to stretch out my clothes, so I am already in shorts & tops. 
I can get away with mixing flowy non-maternity tops with maternity bottoms and 
flowy non-maternity bottoms with maternity tops...
Luckily I have tons of comfy dresses that fit well and a little looser, so I wear those too.
I can't really get into the whole bella band thing anymore.
Just started waking up more than once and then unable to fall back to sleep.
 It may be time for the body pillow investment.
 Best moment this week:  
Receiving our strip of photos in the mail {I think the Dr forgot to give it to us last week}
so it was a nice surprise. I hung them on the fridge, texted hubs:
"We made this!!"
Miss anything? 
I am not going to lie, I do miss a refreshing glass of Pinot Grigio once in awhile.
And salmon sushi, with a squeeze of lemon over rice....
But when I do, I rub my belly and smile because something much cooler than wine & sushi is happening.
Possibly? I'm not quite sure if it's the baby or just the 'round ligament pain'.
It's like a poking sensation?
I'm not sure when I'll feel kicking...
Food cravings: 
Cheese fries, sweets {donuts, candy bars, ice cream...} 
and Slur-pees--I can't find any around here though?!
Anything making you queasy:  
Not so much any more, but thoughts of certain foods still make my stomach lurch a tad.
{Bacon? Hot sauce? Coffee? Usually love these}
Hungry--like, if I don't eat right away then I get crazy. I'm breaking out especially on my chest, which I've never experienced like this before, and I still get tired and hot really easily.
Belly button in or out? 
Wedding rings on or off? 
On..I don't ever want them off!?
 Calm and happy.
I could listen to baby's heartbeat all the time {hubs videoed it}
and stare at his/her pictures all day.

Looking forward to: 
Feeling baby kick!
Weight Gain:
Yes, I have gained about 10 pounds already...
not sure how I'm going to stay in the, "gain 25 lbs total" category.
Stretch marks? 
 No, and I'm slathering on belly butter, oil, {Burt's Bees} and Cocoa butter like it's my job!! 
Gifts for baby:
My mother suggested I start some crafts for baby...
So my friend Alison & I hit up Hobby Lobby last week.
Don't laugh, as I may be great in kitchen, I'm not so crafty.
So, I made one of these bake in the oven goodies!
Bunny Sun Catcher
[I have more crafts I'll post about when I do them!]
Gift from Nana & Papa 
{Step-mom & Dad}
They bought this in the Bahamas when we were on the cruise!
 My friend Kristin added to Baby Bean's book collection!
How frickin precious.
{She's a Kindergarten teacher, so Aunt Kristin will hook us up on all the good children's lit!}
  I am loving the growing belly and the second trimester is soooooo much better than the first.
TGIF loves!!!


  1. So exciting and I love the makeup!

  2. This is so exciting! I am so happy to hear everything is going well!

  3. You are so cute! I craved sweets with Aubree and meat with Jax so I am thinking girl:)

  4. you look great! gaining only 25lbs in a pregnancy is for the birds. I don't know how women do that! with each of my pregnancies I gained 49 and 31 lbs. Whatever you need to grow that sweet baby- your body knows! Fresh fruit sounds divine- I couldn't get enough and STILL can't! Yum! So excited to follow along with you on this exciting adventure!!

  5. You are going to be a great mother. If you are that excited and you sound perfectly fine with ten pounds do far then you are gonna love being pregnant. I gained 10 the first 3 months and then it went from there. Ithe one food that I love so my h but literally made me gag at sight was spaghetti. Bizarre but the mound of meat sauce made me dry heeve. But now no problem.

  6. I had bad round ligament pain until 18ish weeks, then I would get it once a week or so when standing from a sitting or curled position. I was SURE of movement around 18 weeks too. I'd feel him every few days. Especially when I laid on my side, I could feel his flutters really well. Now, at 30 weeks, he karate kid! lol

  7. You look amazing girl! SO BEAUTIFUL! & I love the makeup! I need to do that soon :)

  8. Ummmm I am so behind on your posts and just FLIPPED OUT (in an awesome, good way) reading tht you're pregnant!!!!! :D

    Congratulations, Jen!!!! You are going to be one fantastic mom! SO very happy and excited for you <3

  9. You sound so happy, and I'm so happy for you! I'm a crafter, and I make a lot of scrapbooks. I find it super relaxing. I use to love "The Very Hungry Caterpillar." What were your favorite books as a child?

  10. Awww love the baby bump!! I'm excited to follow along on your journey to motherhood :)


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