Monday, June 4, 2012

Days 3 & 4: Pre-wedding & Wedding Day!

The day before the wedding a few of us decided to get our hair done, 
since there weren't enough openings in the morning. 
I wasn't thoroughly impressed with the girl who curled my hair...she used a tiny curling iron.
I think my hair curls best with a straightener, but it was what it was
 and the I knew the windy beach and the saltwater 
would destroy any hairdo within the next 24 hours.
I tried to dress it up a bit with a colorful flower that night.
Pardon our messy room!
Mrs & Mr to be getting ready for dinner the night before they said
my love
Ty Ty
Parading my sis around the ship as the bride-to-beeeeee
funky shot.
She got her favorite drink:
Miami Vice
Pina colada & a strawberry Daiquiri mixed
We then attempted to play mini golf on the top of the ship...

Bad idea with my newly curled hair & lots of wind!!
Silly Bride
Serious wind action.
We then continued the fun down in the arcade...

It was fun acting like a bunch of kids.

 Riding with a maxi on a motorcycle--not very elegant!
 I think she beat me that time?!
We went to bed on the early side, since the next morning 
she'd be getting married!
Her & one of her bridesmaids enjoying mimosas
 Wedding Hair
 Pretty side up-do

 We got off the ship as fast as we could and hopped into a van,
traveled over to Sapphire Beach.
 Views were amazing.
 Extra wedding guest
 Yup. Hubs wore swim trunks and a polo to the wedding.
 Bride's dressing room...

 Hubs with his in-laws

 another guest.
 After the wedding we all climbed aboard a catamaran.
 We could swim, snorkel, and lounge in the sun.
 Pretty cool idea for a reception, eh?
 Food/Drinks on boat
 Sea Turtles!!
 Joe & I swam to that beach and lounged on the sand for awhile.

 Such a gorgeous day!
 Groom's dad being silly
 A slow, relaxing, ride back to our ship...

 Look who got to drive the boat??!!
 None of us wanted to get back on that ship...
it was a beautiful day and everything went beautifully.
Congratulations to the new Mr. & Mrs!!!
Tomorrow's festivities: 
St. Martin.
My favorite island of all.


  1. That is a huge ship! I love the pic of your toes:) It looks like y'all had so much fun!! And I am super impressed that you know how to curl your hair with a straightener!

  2. Such a gorgeous place for a wedding!! :) So happy that everything went as planned :) and so happy that you had such a great time! Congrats to your sis!


  3. I really did love my wedding but sometimes I wish we would have done the small/intimate route instead. It looks like a beautiful day!

  4. Great photos! I love all the "wedding crashers". :) Glad you had a nice sunny day for the ceremony.

  5. That looks amazing! I can't imagine a better place for a wedding! COngrats to her sister!

    I love St. Martin! Can't wait to hear about it.

  6. Oh my gosh it looks amazing! The wedding looked awesome. You guys all looked so pretty! Congrats to your sister!!

  7. so much fun! what a gorgeous place to have a wedding! congrats to your sister and BIL!

    p.s. Miami Vice is my favorite too, yummy!!!

    can't wait to see pics of St. Martin!

  8. looks like a blast and you look fab in blue!!

  9. Love your hair. Looks like you all had a blast on the days leading up the wedding. The Bride cup is too cute.

    And wow what a gorgeous wedding! The location, the dresses, everything looks absolutely perfect. Congratulations to the newlyweds!


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