Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Sint Maarten/St Martin

 Our last island on the cruise was the beautiful 
Sint Maarten/St Martin.
There is a Dutch side {where the port is}
and a French side, oui oui!!
I of course love love love the French side.
We stopped here on a cruise last year, and knew exactly what we wanted to do.
Rent Dune Buggies & Stop at Paradise View Restaurant/Bar
Look how cute the decor is
{and my lil bro}
The views

Hubs sippin on some bubbl-ay
{I'm obsessed with these champagne flutes. I have not bought any flutes because I want these so badly.
Sadly, they're made in France and are like 80 Euros for one or something crazy.
Aren't they beautiful though???}

Je t'aime!!
Lyndz & Tyler's ride

It was hot and a bit on the rugged side, but we were safe.

Cute little boutiques
And after that we went to Orient Beach...
on the way my battery died and I didn't get any more pictures.
We ate at a little french restaurant on the beach that had the BEST pizza
seriously tasted like we were over in Europe.
Crispy yet a nice chew to it.
Perfect amount of oregano.
Even mr picky pizza eater enjoyed it!! 
Lyndz and I laid out on the beach while the boys surfed the waves on rented jet skis.
It's probably ok my camera died, since Orient Beach is topless/half nude.
I wouldn't want to be that creeper paparazzi with all the tanned bubbies and butts hangin out!
We made our way back slowly to the cruise ship and sadly got back on.
We so badly wanted to just stay on the island.
That night we did have a nice fancy dinner at the Chef's restaurant.
You have to pay $30 extra per person (all meals are usually included)
and you get an upscale menu with fancy foods.
I gave the service and food a 6.5 
since I'm a chef and all.
: )
Being in the sun all day, it got me. I got a little burned on my chest/arms.

And one purchase that was made was my very first Michael Kors Watch.
I love that when I wear it/look at it, I'll always be reminded of our beautiful day
on Sint Maarten
I thought I wanted the rose gold, 
but after I saw this beauty, I was in love.
It has rose gold accents around the face.
 The last two days of the cruise we were stuck at sea, so I'll share more pictures of the ship
and what I thought of our overall experience using carnival. 
Oh, I'll be sharing an emergency medical helicopter mission that happened on board.
I hope you're having a wonderful day!
I've already made homemade sauce, eggplant parm casserole for lunch and beer bread.
I'm excited to get some gardening tips from my friend Jill, so I can get out front and beautify our gardens!
It's also my husband's last evening off until June 18. 
His annual tent sale starts Thursday and he works 9-9+ every.single.day.
He loves it though, 
so I'm a good wifey and make him food and keep him company when he's not too busy.
Have a beautiful Tuesday!!


  1. Oui Oui:) What a fun little excursion! You know I love some bubbly! Your bro cracks me up with his faces! Too funny! You are beautiful and I die for that watch!!!!! It is perfect and such a perfect memento from your trip!

  2. Love your watch, nice purchase!! Looks lovely every where, makes me want to get away to the beach again!!

  3. I love St. Martin! Looks like you had a blast! I actually went to Orient Beach when I was in high school and was scarred for life by a very old, very naked man!

    Love the watch! Wear it in good health!

  4. Looks like so much fun! I just noticed that you were on the cruise at the same time and went to the same places as some of my friends from home.... weird. Y'all might've been on the same cruise... small world! ;)

    Oh and btw, the secret to authentic Italian pizza is olive oil :) As soon as it's cooked, they sprinkle oregano on top and then pour a little olive oil on top! SO yummy :)

  5. In love with the watch. Its on my wish list and this looks like a wonderful trip. Insert pout face, i wanna go!


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