Monday, June 18, 2012

Coupons: How do you Organize to Save?

Hope you all had a fabulous weekend!!
This week's mission:
Work on my Couponing Skillzzz
Ya heard.
While it is a bit time consuming, I secretly get a thrill, at even saving $1.
And as hubs says, every dollar counts!!
I have a small coupon holder 
which is now too full and a pain to find anything in!
So, I'm on a mission.
I have a very hard time spending the full amount on something when I can get a % off.
Michaels Custom Framing.
If I had not had my 70% off coupons, my framing bill would have been $438.
I feel bad for anyone who walks in and pays that full price!!
Where do I find my coupons?
  • I get the Sunday paper & swap coupons with a friend.
  • Magazines 
  • Online 
    • E-mails
    • Facebook
  • Smartphone Coupon Apps
    • JoAnns
    • Target
    • Michaels
  • Mobile alerts
  • Before going out to eat, shopping, or anything, checkout the company's website & see if there are any deals you can get before you go! Doesn't hurt to at least look.
  • If there are items that won't spoil, I will definitely stock up! (Soaps, toilet paper, paper towel)
  • I am trying to get better at 'shopping around' at different places, 
      • Target, Wegmans, Walgreens, Tops, CVS, & BJ's for better deals
I have found Walgreens to be an excellent place to score deals!
It's also very convenient, as there are no long lines and you don't feel bad taking time with all your coupons!
In February I went to Walgreens and bought this:
 Now, I still have body wash (it's now June!)
The Vitamins were Buy one get one Free
& another $2 off coupon printed at checkout, 
so I went back and bought another!
Still using those!
I have had to replenish dog treats & cascade.
Here's my receipt:
So I spent $55.30 and saved $32.99
My bill was not $88.29!!!! 
How great is that? 
Aaaaaaand, I didn't buy anything we didn't need!!
So, I'm ready to upgrade my organization.
I will definitely update when I figure out what binder/organization method I ended up with.
For now, I leave you with some of my Monday morning researching.
Here's a fab blog that's up to date and has lots of great links for printing:
I watched the following Vlog

Even if you just play a few you tube videos while toying around online, 
you may learn *and save a thing or two!
What are some of your favorite ways to save?
I'm a lifelong learner, so please share your money saving tips!!


  1. You are a pro! Before I buy anything online I always google coupon codes and I usually always find one! I need to be better at clipping coupons. Even when I do clip them I usually forget to use them at the checkout. thanks for the tips chica!!

  2. Wow you are impressive. I have yet to try this out. I use coupons here and there but not like that...must try one day!!

  3. I forgot to tell you I saw some Martha Stewart brand organization stuff at Staples that you might be interested in for organizing coupons :o)

  4. I love this, I need to start doing this. You're the best.


  5. Jen, the lawn and now coupons. your killing me with all the normal behavior!

  6. Awesome tips! I'm not a huge couponer, but I do use coupons and discount codes when buying clothes. Do you watch the show "Extreme Couponing"? The ladies on that show are OBSESSED, but they save hundreds of dollars every trip.

  7. You are too cute. I always say I'm going to start using coupons but never do. I'm just so impatient and frankly don't have the time to sit down and cut out coupons. This is an inspiring post though and perhaps I'll start!

  8. Great tips, Jenn! This is definitely something I need to work harder on. I'll clip coupons and put them in our coupon caddy but then I always forget about them.

    Although, in my defense, it's hard because all of the stores you mentioned, we don't have any of those in my town. We have Wal-Mart and some mom & pop grocery stores and that's about it. Rite Aid is the only chain pharmacy in our area and their prices on certain items are crazy high.

    Gotta work on my couponing skills though. Thanks for the encouragement :)


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