Thursday, June 21, 2012

Thankfully OK Thursday!

It's OK & Thankful Mashup!
It's OK ... love hot weather, but I would rather enjoy it lake, beach, or poolside! be obsessed with egg & cheese sammies for breakfast have paid $8 for a quart of cherries and enjoy every succulent bite!
...that my hubs finally has a day of tomorrow (the first since 6/3) and I couldn't be happier for him!
...that I try to like cheap makeup, but I can't help myself around the good stuff (BE)
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Colors: Page Six & Most Requested {yes I bought this} girlfriend Alison & I got our craft on at Hobby Lobby yesterday... that I made jam I will never want store bought crap again...
...that I can't find the energy to make another batch of said yummy jam! walk around my gardens/plants in awe and amazement of my accomplishments...
...that we may be buying water/squirt guns to get Holly to stop barking at every thing! {water is the only thing that works at her misbehavior, and I don't want to do shock collar treatments!}
...that husband and I will probably  need two squirt guns so we can wage a water war against one another!

I am most thankful for:
...for our new deck and being able to grill out on it with my love!
...finding the good in everything
...tonight is our first real DATE NIGHT in forever
...that tomorrow is finally Friday; I have been waiting so long for you!
...for true friends who love & support me always who truly cares
...this gorgeous August-like weather... flowers beginning to bloom...

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Remember to have a beautifully blissful day!! 


  1. Have fun on your date night! That jam looks so good!

  2. That jam looks delicious! YUMM!!

  3. Oh I'm totally obsessed with egg and cheese sammies! We have them for dinner sometimes, lol! So simple, yet so delicious!

    Have fun on your date night tonight!! Anything special planned? :)

  4. Look at you growing veggies and making jam...are you sure you aren't southern? Love ya girl!

  5. Have fun on date night! Hope it's a blast.

    P.s. that jam looks amazing! I need to make some. Homemade is so much better than store bought.

  6. I wish I had a garden full of veggies! All I have growing right now is cilantro. I need to grow a lot more herbs though!

  7. Love this!!


    Have a fabulous day! xo

  8. We have a spray bottle as well. It def wrks and it doesn't hurt. Just annoys them.

    Grilling in the summer is one of my favorite things to do!

    Have a great time on your date!

  9. i would pay that much for cherries and enjoy each and every single bite! hope you had a great date night last night!! don't let the time before the next one be so long :-)


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