Thursday, June 7, 2012

Cruise Review

One of the fun parts of being on a cruise, is that each night they make a towel animal.
I'm sure it's way fun for kids, but honestly, I get a kick out of them too!!
Although I can't always figure out exactly what it is...
My husband punched this one
not realizing I was taking pictures, like a big dork, every night!
So I'm not sure what it was supposed to be!
A bird of sorts??
A rabbit
For the rabbit!
I have no clue.
Since the boat was semi new, 2009 I believe, things were in good condition.
Here is the Serenity Deck--NO KIDS allowed.

 The Lido Deck
aka where a lot of people hang out
 View on our balcony room
 Our room:
It was decent.
Cleaned twice a day.
No complaints here.
 With the balcony room you get two chairs out on a little balcony.
 We were on Deck 7, and below us there was a deck you could walk/eat on.
We weren't used to that, as we usually like to leave our door open and hear/smell the ocean.
However, when you have people walking around below, you hear them.
I didn't love that.
 Drinks were good...
Mango & the Miami Vice
As with any cruise, they can add up quickly.
Dining room
You could definitely feel the boat a rockin down there at night!
 Our waiter busted his bottom.
Francis worked hard to please all twenty of us and even sang while doing so.
 My sis got up and danced with him!
 The girls laying out on our last day

 Mango Swirls!
 Hubs & the boys played basketball then hopped into the pool.
There were 2 pools and I thought they were kind of small.
There were 2 water slides too, but I didn't go on them.

So my humble and quick opinion:
I don't believe my husband and I will ever go Carnival again.
Maybe it's because I had been on 3 Royal Caribbean Cruises prior to this trip and loved them,
but I honestly just wasn't all that impressed.
I felt that the food lacked, the service was slower, and just because it was a bigger boat did NOT
mean that there was more to do.
I think it just held more people.
I also think I need a break from cruises, since we went on one last year too..
I just feel like we get a little taste of each island and I want to see more!
The cruise itself was also one I wouldn't pick again, as there were too many days at sea.
I love stopping at the islands, not being stuck on a boat.
I'm happy to have had the time with my family and the most important part was my sister's wedding.
However, if I were to give advice, if you want to do a destination wedding, maybe stay on an island.
I think you'd get to experience more of the culture and not feel so rushed that way.
If you love drinking, eating, gambling, and laying out in the sun, and don't care so much about 
the culture or island life, then sure, a cruise would be perfect for you!
I must say that I think Carnival did a good job when dealing with an emergency.
We were supposed to be heading back to Florida, when something happened to a person....
So many rumors, a heart attack, appendix, not real sure...
but we had to turn around and back track towards Puerto Rico so that a coast guard
could come in and do a helicopter rescue.
It put us back a few hours, but I hope everyone is okay.
My step-brother took a video:


  1. I have always wanted to try a Cruise. And I love the towel creaters!! ha

  2. Octopus? I love that you took pictures of the towel creatures every night! Everything looks beautiful, we have never cruised but I would love to take the babes on a Disney cruise. Having your room cleaned twice a day doesn't suck. I am LOL that the deck with no kids was called the serenity deck!

  3. Love the cruise review! Since hubby & I have our passports now we've looked at cruises as a cheaper getaway but really I don't think it's us. I'm with you, I'd rather not spend so many days on the boat.

    Love the towel animals though. The rabbit is my favorite :)

  4. That towel thing could have been an octopus?


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