Saturday, May 25, 2013

Quick Hello!

We're baaaaaaaaaaack!! 

The three of us had a ball on our first little "family vacation."  We ventured up to Lake George and its surrounding areas.  I'll re-cap our week, but I just wanted to share a quick video on one of our road trips and a few cute pics.
First Nigh at  Dinner

Traveling with a 4 month old certainly makes for a different style vacation.  Little miss was awesome in the car and only got a tad cranky here and there.  Overall we'd say that it was a HUGE success!

The views were spectacular and it was so nice to get out of town and take in such beauty in nature.

Lake George: on the boardwalk

And one of our many silly little videos we took to capture our first vacation, as a family.

We still have the next three days as a family, so we are going to soak up as much family time as possible. Happy weekend!!


  1. What a fun little vacation! Enjoy the rest of your holiday weekend:)

  2. Glad you guys had a great time! And that's a good idea- to bring an actual map! I depend on my navigation on my phone for everything, and if no service then I'd be lost! Can't wait to see more pics! :) Have a great weekend!

  3. Glad you had a great time on your first family vacation! Can't wait to hear more!

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