Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Vacay Day 2: A Fort

Tuesday morning we got up and ready as *quickly as a 4 month old allows!!  I had fun {like I do every morning} picking out a cute outfit for her to wear.

OOTD: Head to toe---Target
 Of course baby and daddy were all set to go before mommy even showered, so they went off to explore the hotel surroundings.  They came back with a map so we could see where we wanted to go for the day.


We decided to stop and eat a quick breakfast at Cafe Vero---it was perfect!! You can't go wrong with a pretty Vanilla Latte.

After breakfast we just hopped in the Tahoe and started driving...not really sure where we were going or what we were doing.  I started googling on my phone "what to do in ADK" and Fort Ticonderoga wasn't too far, so we decided we'd venture out to go see what that was all about.

Joe pulled over to snap a few pictures of this Beaver Dam.

Once we arrived to the Fort, it was rather windy and a bit chilly.  We attempted to do a "guided tour" but lil miss didn't want to listen to the nice young man's spiel.  So we went back to the car, fed, changed and then decided to grab a bite to eat ourselves at the cafe.  After that we headed back outside and got to explore.

It was really quite cool, if you are into American History.

It overlooks Lake Champlain.  Such a gorgeous view.

Standing there, where so many men have stood before, I kept getting these 'chills'.  It's hard to describe, but I've felt it before when I went to Versailles; it's this radiating energy that just encompasses your soul.  I love it.  I wanted to be no where else but there, in that moment, with my little family.

Baby Brooke slept most of our tour...a little old man said she won't remember it; then his wife replied, "Neither will I."  Too cute.

On the way out Joe bought some old-fashioned candy.

The chocolate was pretty good!  It had faint tastes of spices...funny log looking thing.

That night we got back to the hotel, relaxed, and Joe picked up ribs...seriously the easiest way to dine with a four-month old.  She played on her play-mat and sat in her swing.  We ate like piggies and enjoyed every little bite.

note my attempt at 'healthy' with the broccoli haha


  1. The photo of hubby with Brooke and the map? I die! its ridiculously cute!

  2. Fun!!! I love going to old forts and taking a step back into time.

    I love her little outfit, so sweet

  3. Brooke Is so stinking pretty. Jase wants to know what she thinks about younger men. Ha ha ha ha, glad you all had a great trip. Looking forward to our first family trip

  4. She is getting SO big already! Savanna has the same outfit:) Adorable!

  5. LOVELOVELOVE her outfit! In the first picture she looks like a teenager laying like that-SO CUTE! haha :) I wish I could go to Target and take advantage of the cute baby clothes :( Love the pictures! So fun!

  6. I love visiting history places like that!!


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