Monday, May 6, 2013

Trusting the Gush

It's Monday evening and I'm just finding the time (energy) to feel free to follow along and read my randomness, (and photoless) entry, or you can just "x" out on the corner.  Nothing fancy here tonight!!

 The last week has been a bit on the trying side with baby Brooke, as she's just been a tad fussier than usual.  Ever since she learned to roll, our nights have been a bit rocky!  Last night I fell asleep at 9:30... and amidst a feeding where we both fell asleep after her nursing just the left side, put her back in the crib, have her wake up a few hours later to nurse the right,  I feel somewhat human today! Amazing what sleep does for your body.

Our 4 month Dr visit is tomorrow and I'm looking forward to hearing her stats.  She is one big baby, that much I know!!  {Hello, size 3 diapers at 4 months...whaaaaaaat?!}

I'm not sure if it's her teeth or something else, but she is just not a happy camper and it makes for a sad mama!   I'm working on  trying to create more of a "Schedule" for us, but I really just try to go by her....or obviously if we have appointments whatnot, the day revolves around those. 

I read on some blog or watched some vlog that leaving the house just once a day, {as a SAHM} seems to help make the day go better. I couldn't agree more!! Today I had all intention and motivation to really clean the house and clear the clutter...but with a super fussy one, it wasn't as easy as I had anticipated.  However, I did get in a little cardio workout, cleared both tables of "junk" and have brand new tablecloths covering them. 

Most importantly, I have a sleeping and currently swinging baby. 

Her diapers are stuffed and multiple loads of laundry are washed, a few folded, and one basked got put away. 

I have a feeling I'll be reaching for the wine the frozen raviolis and jarred Bertoli Sauce for dinner for hubs and a huge salad for me. 

I'm learning to let go, and not be so hard on myself.  The floors are not sparkling and there is not a Giada meal simmering on the stove; but that's okay.

I just wanted to write something, maybe not the most exciting thing in the world, but I truly do love to write. 

Bright Sides:

This upcoming Mother's Day weekend, my husband has off.  There's a Lilac Festival here in the city, and I am hoping perhaps I can convince him to take us...only if the weather is nice.

I'll be celebrating my first Mother's Day as a "mom"!!

I'm looking forward to our first family vacation--- Lake George for a week.  I won't have to cook, clean, or take care of doggies for a week so that will be a fantastic little break!  I hope to unwind, recharge my batteries and really soak up some solid family time.  I want to take videos and photos and simply 'be' in the moment.  Our little baby is growing so fast, it's hard to believe this is the first of many family vacations for us. My MIL bet me that we won't be able to stay off our phones...I don't know, but I am ready to unplug and be one with the mountains!!  I can already see myself sipping coffee on the balcony, which overlooks the mountains/lakes. 

We now have an elliptical!! The silly thing is in the garage, as I don't think it will fit in our basement, but that's ok.  I'll make adjustments and I was able to sneak 24 minutes in today that maybe I wouldn't have been able to do otherwise.

My mom is coming to visit in a month from today!! She will be here during the busiest part of my husband's job, so it will be so nice to see her and have an extra pair of helping (loving) hands.  I am sure there will be so many fun things we'll do.

I just received my "Shakeology" for a 'Biggest Loser' contest-- I ordered through Jen--who helped my sister get started as a Beach Body Coach.  The goal is to lose as much weight in one week; I obviously know I can't lose too much weight in a week because of breastfeeding, but more than anything I wanted some motivation and to try this stuff out at a decent cost.  The winner gets one of those fancy Polar calorie watches, which would be awesome if I did win, but I worry about my supply so I'll be smart about dropping these stupid LBs.

I am currently working on a an inspiration board to hang near my elliptical; I'm filling it with positive words of encouragement, training tips, and of course bikini clad girls with perfect bods.  {Aim high, or don't aim at all?}

I also started up a journal again; more of a healthy/weight loss journal, but still a journal.  I have written in one ever since my Hello Kitty Diary in Second grade, up until I met Joe...then I stopped. I of course write here, but it's nice to just jot down personal thoughts that you just don't always want to share with the world.  I find it's helping me stay focused as well.

I'm taking 'local honey' for my allergies and so far I am doing okay!  They are worse if I am outside, but I really don't want to take any medicine {while bf} and I am so proud that I am doing this well. I was seriously addicted to Zyrtec; I finally quit taking it about a year ago (because I was preggars) and I could NOT stop the itch!! I don't ever want to deal with that I'll take the sneezing, coughing, stuffy, runny, crazy red eyes.  It'll be over soon and Summer will be here!

Speaking of, I cannot wait for 4th of July weekend!! We'll be staying at my family's cottage on a lake and hubs has off a little bit of time; yayyy! 

So, no, there are no photos.  I don't want to upload any and most of them are probably on my instagram anyway [MrsDelleFave]  Just wanted to "trust the gush" and let my thoughts jumbled as they've been, for each one of the above bright spots was a blog idea of itself.  But as you mamas, know, you just can't do it all. So do what you can and be happy with that. 

Wish us luck at lil B's appointment tomorrow!!


  1. Sorry to hear Brooke has been a bit fussy these days. I agree though, that getting out of the house can make EVERYTHING better, even if it's just a short trip to Target. I had every intention of going for a pedicure today, but I'm so darn tired it's ridiculous, found out at my last doctors appointment I'm anemic so they upped my iron levels but it's not helping a ton=/ The lilac festival sounds nice, we have something similar here called the "flower & jazz festival" every Mom get's a free flower to plant and they have some pretty fantastic jazz bands, everyone sets up chairs and hangs out..makes for a nice day:) Take care girlie! and things will hopefully get better with baby soon:) xoxo

  2. I am jealous of your elliptical!! I want one of my own so bad. So exciting for you to celebrate your first mother's day, so sweet :)

  3. aw so many things i loved in this post :) 1 yay your first Mother's day!! please send me your address :):) 2 Zyrtec is needed def for me and dr. actually told me to take it because my asthma starts acting up with my allergies.. and we do not want a prego not being able to breathe! ;) So excited for all your vacays.. i'm already planning on having grandma and grandpa babysit for a weekend in August so we can go to Lake Tahoe! I know it'll be hard to be away, especially while bf but it'll be nice for the 2 of us since we didn't really do anything these past 8mos.. <3 you're still an amaze wife/mama frozen raviolis and all :)

  4. That is so wild you are vacationing at Lake George!! That is 1 hour south of my hometown. What week will you be there?


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