Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Cleanse Day 7 & Updates

So today is day 7 of 10 on the 'cleanse' portion of my 24 Day Challenge and I am LOVING that I am already seeing results.

While I'm not going to talk numbers yet, I am waiting until day 11 & 24 to measure.  I'm going to let my clothes do the talking.  Here is a size small shirt I have not felt "comfortable" in since last year.  The pants are post-pregnancy ones I bought at a size 10.  Already starting to feel a little loose!  My arms are also feeling more toned and less "jiggly". 

My workouts aren't super crazy.  I've done Zumba, the elliptical, yoga, and lots of walking.

Day 6 was SO awesome! I tried on a few pairs of shorts just for the heck of it, and OMG. They fit. {Don't mind my face on the right; I was just snacking on almonds/dried cranberries!
It was so nice to have my friend ask me if I was wearing a new outfit; the answer was no! I' m just fitting into things I haven't been able to in sooooo long!  Do you know how amazing this feels?  I want EVERYONE to feel this excitement.

I am even seeing definition in my legs, which I haven't seen in forever!

I'm not where I want to be yet, but I still have a long way to go on my challenge!!  I'm just super impressed that already my trouble area, aka my belly, is seriously shrinking and clothes are starting to fit again!

I'm getting a lot of people saying how much they love seeing my food ideas.  So, I'll keep sharing!  I love cooking so it's easy for me to be creative.

The Zucchini boat --- usually you throw some cheese on, but I'm avoiding dairy. So I just scooped out a zuc, added fresh tomatoes, a little EVOO, garlic/onion seasoning, and some Italian seasoning.  Threw in the oven at 350 for 30 mins. YUM.  I made smashed garlic cauliflower and heated up a turkey burger and made it dinner.

I know I keep repeating myself, but if I'm hungry, I eat.  Dessert last night was peaches again.

1 peach, sliced, a few walnuts & sprinkle of cinnamon.  Microwave until warmed through.  A cup of Calming herbal tea.

It's awesome to already feel this good and like my old self again.  Yesterday my friend and I took our kids to the Museum of Play.  I don't hate what I look like in pictures any more!

Brooke loved the statues!

We rode on this silly train.

And Grace made Brooke a crown at the Fairytale land.

Thank goodness I brought along something to snack on...a few carrots and a little hummus.

I also threw into my diaper bag a  Meal Replacement Shake  just in case--what a great idea! I was starving before we left and I just mixed it up really quick in a water bottle and boom.  Totally satisfied. I will definitely be bringing these when we go to Toronto!! It's nice to have backup, especially since my husband can go hours and hours without being hungry.  I always need something every 3!!

**Neurologist update--- Thank you for all the positive thoughts guys! I really appreciated.  Here's what I found out...

I actually have 3 'weird' things on up there.

1.  One Pineal cyst.  He's not too concerned with it, probably born with it...we'll monitor.
2.  Arnold Chiari Malformation..  AKA my brain is too big for my head!  No really, my brain stem is growing out a bit longer than it should; something I should keep an eye on for any odd signs (seizures etc) again, something I was probably born with and not to be too alarmed with.
3.  He's not quite sure.  At first he said it was a venous angioma---yeah.  Whatever that is.  Then he took another look and said maybe is an MS plaque.  Since he's not sure, I have to go back in November for an MRI on my brain and on my spine.  Boo.  I also go back 8.13 to have a little more testing done on my hearing/coordination I think?  It was all so much information.

So, I guess this is all "good news" because it's not like have I have Cancer.  He didn't give me a few months to live or anything drastic, but when I went in there, I thought I just had a few 'cysts' I wasn't expecting all this odd stuff up there.

Oh, and to top it off?? He said that the ringing in my left ear (which is the cause of me going through all of this) DOESN'T HAVE ANYTHING TO DO WITH THIS STUFF.  I just find that hard to believe. But I'm not a Doctor, so what the hell do I know?

He really stressed to keep my blood pressure down, not stress, and to be healthy.  I told him I was on a cleanse and I'm really on top my health and now have an even more important reason to be super healthy.

You really just don't know folks.  Anything could be going on inside your body right now, and you'd have no idea.  This is why GOOD HEALTH is so important. I believe Nikki & Danielle and AdvoCare came into my life for a reason and I am SO thankful for this.  I just want to be in the best shape as possible and really enjoy my life.  However long I am granted to walk this earth, I promise to make it a healthy walk!!


  1. You are doing great on this challenge, and obviously the results so far speak for themselves! You look wonderful!

  2. Proud of you ... you can do it.. Healthy is the way to go.. I have a had a lot of health scares this past two years. So now i'm glad they finally know whats going on so i can focus on my health even more

  3. Yay girl!! Congrats! You look fabulous! What great motivation to keep on truckin' when it feels tough. xoxo

  4. Lookin good momma!! :) And we were on the same page with the zuchhini dinners last night, lol!

  5. You're killing it on your cleanse!! I can't wait to start mine!!

    I'm so happy to hear that you're finally getting comfortable being photographed again. I'm in the same boat. Thanks to being back at Dailey Method I'm FINALLY starting to feel like myself again!


  6. You are looking FAB! Can't wait to hear your final results if you're already looking this great 6 days in. Those peaches look yummy. I need to make them!

    Glad to hear the neuro appt went decent. I'm still sending good thoughts your way! xo

  7. Looking good mama! Love your positive attitude!

  8. you are doing so awesome! i wish i had your motivation! and so happy to hear it's nothing really really serious and scary! i think the cyst is what they found on my 20week ultra sound on McKenzie.. so yes still scary to hear! :)

  9. Found your blog on through Erin! You look great! I enjoy reading your updates about the success you are having! Keep it up!

  10. I plan to start a cleanse once we get back from vacay! Are you still doing the shakeology stuff? You look great girl! xoxo

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