Monday, August 26, 2013

What Can I do for You?

Hi Friends!! I went away for the weekend, but I am back now!

 I am so excited to meet a few new readers here, from my guest post over at Erin's blog.  Hello, and welcome!! I had a lovely weekend out in the country visiting a dear friend and her family.  I will say that it was a little hard being away from my husband, and it was a little difficult for him to be away from us!  I am happy to be home, but there is much cleaning and laundry to do....not to mention how hard I'm working on growing my AdvoCare business!

It's been so amazing for myself to be on this healthy journey, and I must say as great as I feel, I just love the feeling of helping others almost a little bit more.  I didn't realize how much I missed that aspect of teaching.  While I have no desire to step foot into a classroom, I am in love with this business of helping people feel their best.

What can I do for you?!

Labor Day is a pretty big party weekend, perhaps a little cleanse would help? {I lost 7 lbs on it!}

Or kick off the new school year with a complete and total new you with the 24 day bundle!

Every busy household should have a canister of SPARK!

Meal replacements for busy moms on the go: {I am willing to send out samples at $6 if you'd like to try a few, instead of buying the whole box at once, just ask!}
What I love about this company, is that there truly is something for everyone.

 You just have to want it badly enough.  I hear so many people talk about the price being an issue, which I can agree it does cost some money...but I promise you, the feeling of sliding into your favorite shorts or pants or the amount of energy you have to keep up with your daily routine, is WORTH it!!
Products I will continue to take:
*Meal Replacement Shakes

I will be doing a post 24 day challenge post, I promise!! Life is a little crazy, and I'm loving every minute of it!!

This weekend we are headed to the lake, which I cannot wait for.  I am hoping to get some free time soon enough to catch up on many things, but I wanted to wish everyone a happy and healthy start to your week! 


  1. I might get in touch with you about the cleanse. I've been looking for a good one:) I'm jealous about all your trips to the lake!

  2. I can't wait to get my package. It should be here any day. I'm so Happy. I love this post so much great info. I'm so proud of you ...

  3. Is this ok to do while breastfeeding? I've been so worried about doing something like this and not being able to provide enough nutrition to my little guy.

  4. That is fantastic that you lost 7 pounds on the cleanse, Jenn! A coworker of mine recently cut out all sugars and animal products (a bit too extreme for me), but I've been so amazed at the transformation. She feels fantastic!

    P.S. I am back to blogging ;)

    Double P.S. Absolutely love the new look of your blog!


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