Tuesday, August 13, 2013

I Unplugged, but now I'm Back!

Well, hello!

We took a quick trip to visit one of our favorite nearby cities, Toronto last weekend! It was a much needed break away from life!! With all of the stress I've been under {as far as my brain issues were concerned} it was perfect timing to slip up north and just "be." 

Our little angel was wonderful!! She loves people watching as much as her mama and daddy!

I kind of forgot I'd have to turn off my cell phone to avoid crazy charges, and so while it was abrupt, I am so happy that I did.  I forget how nice it is to sincerely unplug and keep away from technology.  I feel totally re-charged and ready to take on the world!! I was seriously getting into robot mode around here...and that is no way to live!  I feel as though a bit of respite was all I needed to jump back into our lovely little life here in upstate NY.

We just walked a lot, shopped a little, and relaxed.  Little Miss is now in size 12+ so I stocked up on some adorable goodies at Children's Place!

Joe picked out the yellow shirt w/ the bunny on the back.  I had to get the matching purple jeggings.  We are talking size 18-24 months people! My little baby isn't so little!! They don't fit her yet, but I'm sure come fall they well fit her little diaper booty just fine. 

So, as far as my "cleanse" I would say I did pretty darn well!  I tried my hardest to eat healthy, even though options aren't always the greatest while traveling.  I relied on my meal replacement shakes, my Spark, and when in doubt, a salad with grilled chicken and dressing on the side.  On Day 10 I did have a steak and a little wine, as it was our last night and we went to a really nice dinner.  {Barberian Steakhouse} But I think that's what is important about doing this cleanse/challenge: It has taught me how to eat right again. It's not about being 100% perfect all of the time; it's about making the healthiest choices you can.  Instead of eating fries, ice cream, burgers, pizza, etc.  I saved up for my dinner to enjoy a lean cut of steak and a glass of Pinot Noir.  And you know what?  I don't feel guilty at all.  Sure I could have had the fish and steamed veggies, but I ate clean the rest of the time.  And I certainly enjoyed that medium rare steak and perfectly poured glass of Pinot.

That is what I love so much about AdvoCare.  It's not a fad diet!! It's seriously about a healthy way of living.  You're going to be faced with food choices all.of.the.time.  It's about being smart when choosing what to eat.

And my 10 day Cleanse results?

I'm down 7 lbs so far!!

 I quickly checked my inches, and it seems I've lost an inch off of everything already.  I will certainly keep you updated.

I still have not had ANY coffee! Whoa.  I have so much energy and my clothes continue to feel baggier and way more loose on me.  It's awesome. 

I'm now on Day 13 of my challenge and doing awesome with the MNS pack.  If you're not taking a multi-vitamin or your Omegas, I highly suggest you start!! 

Why Omegaplex?
  • Helps skin issues [dry, dandruff, sensitive, eczema, even cellulite!]
  • Boosts your heart
  • Boosts your brain 
  • Can aid in weight management!
Here's an article on the importance of Omegas: Mercola

I guess since I have all of this 'brain' stuff going on, I just cannot urge you enough to just take the right supplements.  These are very reasonably priced [$21.95 for 45 soft gels], and our brain {and heart!} health is SO very important.  Just take care of your health now; don't wait for something to happen and try and treat it!!  If there is one thing I can stress, it's that you just never know what you'll find out about your wellness.  Don't abuse the one body/mind that we are given; you cannot put a price on health.  Cost should never be a deciding factor when you're looking to keep yourself in great health.

E-mail me with any questions, I just love helping others feel as awesome as I'm feeling now!! Have a great Tuesday.


  1. I love reading about your cleanse! Good for you for having steak! Like you said, its about right not perfect every single day! I bet it was delicious :) Have a great week!

  2. I need to buy the right supplements also:O).. So nice to get away and spend time with the family

  3. You are rockin' it on the cleanse and challenge!! I wish I had the motivation and dedication to do that. I think it's harder when you live with people who don't always support what you do (i.e. my family...they don't get it!), so hopefully when I am out on my own finally I will be able to tackle some of these cleanses everyone talks about!

    P.S. I added your button to my blog, too ;)

  4. Yay! Good job, girly. I don't blame you for enjoying that glass of wine and steak. Now that you're home, you can get back to being strict again.

  5. Your little fashionista is getting so big! And such a pretty little girl too.

    You're doing awesome with your challenge. Keep up the good work :)


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