Friday, April 25, 2014

Dr Dennis Gross: Skin Care

I have been blessed with really great skin.  It's not too oily or too dry.  Growing up I would get the occasional pimple {like embarrassingly huge} but no acne.  However since having Brooke, I've gone through some weird phases with my skin.  I think hormones played a part, but also I felt so yucky looking, before I lost the baby weight, for some reason I would just pile on all this makeup.  Truth is?  I was always a more is less kind of girl and I needed to get back to that.

I am also notoriously terrible at removing said makeup at night, which only results in clogged pores.  I started using the cleansing cloths, which is a step in the right direction, but they're just filled with chemicals and fillers. {aka crap}

I mentioned in one of my earlier posts that I had a skin consultation and I just LOVED it.  Joe's cousin Mary is working as a makeup and beauty expert {aesthetician} at Waterlily Day Spa.  If you are local, you must go see her!

She introduced me to this new [to me] skin care line.  Dr Gross is a NYC Dermatologist.  Legit big name celebs go and see him…I would love to get an appointment!

Mary gave me the whole run-around and I experienced everything from the facial cleanser to the serums.  She had actually given me samples of the "Alpha Beta Daily Peel" and that seriously was giving me a glow!!

I walked out with three goodies:

1.) This spray.  Maybe I'm just a weirdo, but I just love the fresh feeling of a hydrating spray!  I still have my Bare Minerals facial cleanser to use up, but after that I will be switching.

2.) Instead of my cheap Olay, I've decided to switch to this bad boy.  OMG.  You can literally feel it working.  Now, Mary was very good at explaining, just like we take vitamins to better our insides, why we put on our skin can be very similar.  Our bodies may need to adjust to the proper amount of supplements that we should be consuming; so will our skin.

That being said, my cheeks get a little flushed at first, but it is beginning to fade.  It's also good to switch up routines {like we do with workouts} so that our skin doesn't get complacent.

3.) The third and one of the most important items was the eye cream.  Mary said, "It's like a glass of water for your eyes."  The skin around our eyes is so thin and we need to treat it carefully!

Here are the fabulous daily face peels I was talking about…since I didn't want my hubby to think I was trying to break the bank, as badly as I wanted these, I put them on my wish list. {hint: Mother's Day}
I heard "peel" and I kind of freaked; don't.  It's so gentle and seriously ah-mazing feeling.

There are also some amazing serums she used one on me; oh my goodness I could just do this every day.

My thoughts?  Worth EVERY PENNY.  Now that I am getting older, proper skin care is a must! Just like with my AdvoCare supplements, I believe that when you spend your money, you will treat yourself better, or the way that you should.  I know that my Omegaplex, Coreplex, and Amplify (plus all my other awesome products) are doing wonders for my hair, skin and nails. I just took it to the next level!

I now look forward to my nightly skin care routine and he'd kill me if he knows I told you, but Joe likes it too!! Since the creams do not have a strong scent, it's totally gender friendly.  I had tried La Mer last year, and I really didn't love the smell.  Plus I am not quite ready for Botox haha…j/k..sort of...

I have had two blackheads on my chin {hormone related Mary told me} and one has finally surfaced! I cannot tell you how long they've been there, but I am so excited one has finally come to.  These products are my new jam and I just had to share my beauty tips with you.

I've also laid off the heavy foundations; I will rock them for going out but for day to day, I'm using Laura Mercier's tinted moisturizer.

Have a beautiful day lovely friends!

*These are just my opinions and thoughts and I am not a professional.  I just love to share what works for me.  As always, ask your Dr before starting any new regimes.*

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