Wednesday, April 23, 2014

The Day our Dogs Failed an Interview

Last Friday Holly and Sadie had an interview.  Ya heard correctly.  An interview.  There is a kennel not too far from here that everyone raves about. The dogs are free to run around in a room/outdoor pen with other dogs during the day. It's like  a day camp for dogs.  However, the dogs need to get along and pass the interview.

Now mind you, I know our dogs; I know our dogs VERY well. I love them dearly, but sometimes they can be rather high maintenance. And while running around with other dogs is great in theory, I just knew it wasn't in the cards for our pups.

I got there and realized I hand't filled out the damn applications, so that took some time.  Meanwhile, Holly got kind of nervous and pooped right there on the floor.  I stepped in it since I was busy filling out the forms, and the girl didn't say anything until I realized what happened.


I had to put new collars on them that "breakaway"…[luckily I did not have to pay for them]

The dogs get separated small is under 35 pounds and large is over.

Sadie did okay; they introduce dogs one at a time and her hair stood up and then went down.  She walked around and was like "whatever".  No biggie.

Holly on the hand, is just a freakshow.  I thought she would be aggressive or naughty, but she was actually so so nervous.  She paced back and forth and ran laps…it was not good.  She got the other dogs wound up, but never settled down.

Sorry I failed mama!!

They took her out and back in again on a leash, but she still was not happy.  Since they're all animal behavior specialists, they don't like the dogs getting stressed out etc.  So they said we could try again another day, but in so many words, our dog failed the interview.

They then proceeded to let me know that Sadie was licking the ear of another dog: a German Shepherd.  I sheepishly smiled and said, "No, I am sure she was licking the AIR next to the other dog." You know, because it's normal for dogs to lick the air. Incessantly. Not kidding.

"You're kidding me with that place, right?!"

The lady gave me a weird look and I just tried to get out of there as fast as I possibly could.

I was supposed to drop them off for the day and then go get my skin consultation done by Joe's cousin Mary at this beautiful little European-like spa.

Instead I had to call and reschedule {explaining my fabulous morning} and they got quite a kick out of it!!  I brought the dogs home and counted down the minutes until 4:00.

I LOVED Waterlily.  It was so nice to learn about some anti-aging processes and newer skin care lines. I was so relaxed and happy…{the goodies I bought are an entire different blog post!}

Only to come home to find out little miss Brooke gave Dada a run for his money! They went to the mall and walked around; and she pooped. Normally not a big deal, but Dada doesn't deal well with poo and he didn't bring the diaper bag. {I know, right?!}

So he got her home and by that time it was all over her diaper and she must have eaten something that didn't agree because it was the third time that day and not quite normal.  All I know is that her clothes were in the tub, poo everywhere and she was running around buck naked.

She then proceeded to dump the dog water all over the floor.

I may have ended the day with a glass of Pinot or two  and started really counting down the days until St. Martin.  It's all funny looking back on it, but seriously?! What a day.

Gotta love life with animals and kids!!

Needless to say, I will be boarding our dogs at our traditional kennel (which they love and do well at) and I will stay out longer than 2 hours next time…so that all is cleaned up and well when I get home! LOL


  1. You deserved a glass of wine after that day! haha

  2. I'm sorry but I have to just laugh at this. I know my day will come and you will laugh at my day like this! Love you!


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