Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Sunshine Wednesday

We've been working on counting.  She's got the "One, Two, Three" down.  Now for the rest...

A rainy day called for this little treat!
I made some banana almond flour muffins---pretty good! Recipe HERE.
I didn't bake them as long;mine were done at about 25 mins or so.

I snuck out to the library Tuesday night.  I told myself I would only buy leadership books; ones that will serve a purpose to read over and over or share with friends and family.  I really am making a greater effort to not spend money when we don't have to.  I was really excited when two newer books I was on the waiting list for, arrived!  I sure enjoyed quietly browsing as well. I picked up a few books for me to look at to help with Brooke.  I don't know everything; heck I barely know anything about being a mama! What I do know, is that I am always learning.  Walking into a library almost makes me feel dumb.  There is so much knowledge out there, and I just want to get my hands on it all!!

So far the Bright from the Start book is FAB!! It has cool little ideas to keep the little brain working and activities I didn't think of…and insights that sometimes you just need to be reminded of.  Great read!
{PS No judges on my reading selection!}

I splurged and bought myself some new Alex and Ani.  LOVE.

This girl has my heart, but eyes for Daddy!!  She just loves him so.

She's obsessed with the little magnetic pen/drawing board.

It was sunny and 47 today.  We swung for a few moments…

She went down the slide and tried to climb back up.

Of course she worked up an appetite and she enjoyed a muffin~

And Holly, Brooke and I had some silly time.

Today {Wednesday 4.8} has been a very good day.  I love our life and wouldn't trade anything in the world for all that we have.  Here's hoping that my crockpot dinner is amazing too! I'm trying AdvoRunner's Clean Peanut Thai Chicken!


  1. She is getting so big. Seriously baffles me..I feel like she was just born. I love the last picture especially. Sunny and 47? At least it's not snow!

  2. I love her facial expressions!

  3. Those muffins look so good! I pretty much have all of the ingredients in the house already so I might make a batch this weekend. I always look for new healthy foods to have Peyton try. She is a little picky sometimes.

    Your little girl is ADORABLE! :)

    I wish I could run off to the library more often at night. It sounds so relaxing. I mostly have to put books on hold because our library is really small and doesn't have a lot of the up to date books.

  4. love the photos... banana almond flour muffins look great. you been doing so great ..So happy for you...


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