Tuesday, April 22, 2014


I was SUPER excited to dye eggs with Joe and Brooke.  Unfortunately, I didn't foresee Joe having to work late and a cranky baby who needed to go to bed because she missed her nap.   My old self would have probably cried and been so devastated, but now? I just go through the motions and make the most of it.

She tried to eat the crayon, but did manage to draw a little bit on her egg. [hence the tears]

Joe got home just in time to snap a few photos.

Holly enjoyed the egg too…

So we managed to get a few colored. I will be a little more prepared next year!!

Easter morning Brooke enjoyed two baskets.  Yes, two.  One Easter bunny thought it was good to be non-traditional and one wanted tradition.  Eh, it worked out for Brooke.  She loved everything.  "OOooooooo" was all we heard while she went through them.

Daddy being naughty and giving her processed sugar aka PEEPS before breakfast.

It kept her occupied for, well, who am I kidding? These eggs are still keeping her busy!!

We met my family for brunch at Bristol Harbour.  Daddy walked her down the aisle…

Such a beautiful sunny day!

She was so good and loved running around.  Sharing her eggs with Aunt Brianna

I wish I could find it, but I have similar photos near this pump with my Easter dress on when I was little.

Then I had a mini photo shoot {thanks hubby} haha

Brooke and the swing.


She was getting sleepy, but sure was a trooper!

We then traveled to my in-laws to stop over for a bit.  Mama Maria had an assortment of cheese, crackers, Easter bread, and we enjoyed some white wine.  It was perfect!

My father in law is an excellent photographer, so we  put him to work! Gorgeous shots.

And she got a little fussy…we told her "no" you can't go play on the branches/sticks.

Picked flowers with Grandma.

And sat on the stoop her daddy sat on when he was growing up.

It was a beautiful day!

It was a low key evening and we had leftover chicken sausage, broccoli and pasta for dinner.  Our brunch was pretty hefty so we were more than fine with that!  I hope you all had a lovely Easter!


  1. So gorgeous! Savanna is still loving the plastic eggs too!

  2. looks like you guys had a great time. Broke dress is so cute and girly you look fit, Nice photo shoot,

  3. Brooke is SO CUTE and looking so much like a little girl!

  4. Just catching up on my Bliss to Bean - Gorgeous family :)


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