Friday, October 30, 2015

5 on Friday!

Happy Friday my beautiful people!  I hope that this weekend finds you with some fun tricks and even more treats! I cannot wait to dress our littles up and parade around are adorable little neighborhood.  Brooke is so excited and I think it will be so much fun!   I wanted to jump on here and share a few things this lovely Friday.

I have been really focusing on our budget and trying to save as much as we can, so that when we go to build, the money part won't be stressful.  The universe is working its magic, and I joined a FB group with likeminded ladies who want to save extra as well.  We are doing a "No Spend November" and by that, no extra spending unless it's necessary. Stay tuned! If I learn and good tips and tricks, I'll be sure to share!

My daughter is my husband's clone.  Seriously! I try to get her to smile, say cheese, and she gives me this face.

She is super funny and lately wants to snug on the couch.  I'll take it!

Our babysitter interview worked out--she is AWESOME and I was able to sneak out for 3 whole hours!  I am loving my new dark nails. Yay!

Seriously still on a cooking streak= I can't stop! 
We were loving grilled chicken wings, but now that the weather is getting yucky, 
it's time to move indoors and use the oven.
2 dozen organic wings.
Slather with sauce.
Bake at 350 for 25 minutes.
Slather more sauce.
Bake another 30 minutes

I threw together a pesto, tomato, cheese pizza too.  So tasty!

Have a great weekend, and Happy Halloween!


  1. I cannot wait to hear how No-Spend November goes! I am trying so hard to save money myself... I didn't realize how expensive living alone would be, and I hate that I'm not saving more money each month!

    LOVE your nails! Is your ring finger gold? It looks so glitzy and glam!

    Brooke is so adorable haha love the goofy face she's giving you!

    1. Yes, I am excited to share! I fear it will be harder than I anticipate with Christmas coming and we are traveling for his work, but I will not go to Starbucks or other random purchases…I swear!! Thanks--yes I did a "Crown Jewels" swagger nail. Love my lady!

  2. The food sounds amazing. What is this group on FB?! I may need to join lol


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