Tuesday, June 28, 2016


It's always hard to just start when you've stepped away for a bit.  So I thought I'd just share some of what is happening currently.  I am currently...

Sitting outside on the back deck, sipping on some fruit punch rehydrate and banging out this little blog post.  My fingers just needed to feel the keys under them and share what's on my heart, in my mind and what I've been up to.  I started that Mary Kay Andrews book last night, as I need a lighthearted beach read to just ease my mind a bit, with all that's been happening.

Cooking- I made this yummy and easy pasta dish the other week.  I just sliced up summer squash/zucchini, cooked in on a grill pain with a little extra virgin olive oil & this TS spice.  I sprinkled parm cheese at the end.  I boiled the pasta and then tossed it all together in the grill pan. So good!

Drinking- Iced chai soy lattes.  My jam!

Enjoying a little day date with my girl! We went to Wegmans and the Farmer's Market.  It was so nice to give her my undivided attention.

LOVING this hot Summer weather.  I don't remember having such great weather for so often and I am not taking any of it for granted!

Grateful for my mom staying with us; even under these conditions, it has enabled Joe and I so many little opportunities to spend some one on one time.  This was a day where we went out to lunch!

Getting all sorts of determination lately.  I feel like 'the next big thing' for us is around the corner. We just keep surrounding ourselves with positive people and those who truly 'get us' and it's really making for a beautiful life.

Feeling so blessed to these curly haired babes.  So many times I just find myself sitting and staring; watching them be siblings.  They bicker, of course, but when they're sweet and nice?  Melts my mama heart big time.

Amazed by this sunset at our land; how perfect will this view be?

Adoring this brand new tote that launched today in KEEP!  {Shop my mystery hostess social & enter to win rewards!}

Obsessing over these two necklaces combined to create a festive look for the 4th! {Tulum & Bliss}

What are you currently up to?


  1. I have heard that Mary Kay Andrews books are good! I have some on my to read list! Also love that tote! I have credit I think I will use to get it!

  2. Love pasta like that during the summer! And iced chais!

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