Friday, May 4, 2012

Dear Friday Letters

I haven't done one of these before, so I figured it was about time! 
Dear fruit & vegetables: 
I would greatly appreciate it if you washed, cut, and 
arranged yourself beautifully onto platters for my sister's shower on Sunday. 
Dear Deck:
I love you and am sorry you're still naked without any furniture!
We are working on that.
For now, I am enjoying a camping chair and a good book!
Dear "Don't Worry Be Happy" Station on Pandora:
Thank you for keeping me in a calm and cool mood while still prepping for this shower!
Dear Bridal Shower: 
I had so much fun planning, buying decor, and I cannot wait to see the place all 
beachified on Sunday.  
I will be happy when it's over though, as I am 
ready to be done.
Dear People who don't RSVP:
You are SO rude. 
Dear sweet husband:
I can't wait to see where we are going on our date night!!!
Dear month of May:
You can fast forward to more important events after this Sunday. 
Like super fast. 
Dear Holly:
Thanks for hosting wedding week!!
I had so much fun and cried like a baby
as I wrote about my wedding.
{Note the banner under my header--check it out!}
Dear Sunshine:
Thank you for re-appearing these last few days. 
I love wearing a maxi dress and not worrying about drying my hair.
The sun feels so good on my skin!
Dear Universe:
Thank you.
That is all


  1. I hate when ppl don't RSVP, rude. YAY for sunshine, decks, date night and showers - the wedding kind, not the rain. Happy weekend!!

  2. This was so uplifting!

    Have a great weekend girl! Can't wait to hear about!

  3. IT SAID REGRETS ONLY! LOL well you know I'll be there! xo

  4. Non rsvpers are evil. I can't wait to see your deck when all the furniture is set up! It looks beautiful so far:) Have a great weekend! MUAH


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