Monday, May 14, 2012

Going Natural & Bloom-ing

Well, hello Monday!
The weekends just fly by it seems.
The weather has finally warmed up {again} and took full advantage of it!
I love having our back deck sliding glass doors wide open, so the doggies can come in and out.
They seem to love it too!
I have made some healthier choices by not going to the tanning salon, and
am just trying to get some good ol' fashioned Vitamin D from the au natural sun!
I've also ripped off my acrylic nails after 4 years...
and decided it's time to switch to just plain old polish. 
owie brittle nails anyone?
I gave up my allergy medicine, Zyrtec, and have been dealing with extreme 
itchiness on my hands and feet. It comes and goes, but it is so annoying!
It's not from allergies, I believe my body is so used to taking this awful medicine,
it's now freaking out trying to figure out what to do without it.
Kind of like when you go off birth control or any other medicine you've taken for a long time.
It's not natural and you body needs to adjust and figure out how to function without it again.
The more I read and think about it, I really despise medicines and prescriptions.
I know that there is a time and place, but should a person really need to take an allergy pill every single day for 4  years straight? Only to try and stop taking it, and breakout in horrible itching fits?
Just google zyrtec + stopping + itching. 
I'm not crazy and I'm not the only one! 
This should be on the label: 
Warning, stopping medication can cause insane itching!!
I can deal with the occasional stuffy/runny nose and sneezing.
I have been trying to add some local honey into my diet and that seems to lessen the sneezes.
I also have this cruise coming up and I tend to get a little sea sick...
I stocked up on some ginger candies and have the Sea Bands for my wrists...
I will definitely pack the Bonine in case I am in dire need, but I'm trying to be more natural!
Speaking of, we are officially booked, logged in, and all we have to do is board a plane to Florida, stay over night in Orlando, and hop onto our big boat the next day!!
Ready or not, my lil sister is getting married!!
Our itinerary:
Day at Sea
St. Thomas **Wedding**
St. Martin {my favorite island!!}
Day at Sea
Day at Sea
I cannot wait to relax and unwind with my crazy family.
It's seriously going to be like Griswald Family Vacation!!
I also finally caught up on some very much needed reading...
Now, I know I'm a tad over emotional as it is,
but the way Kelle Hampton writes is just absolutely beautiful.
 You really feel like you're in the room with her as she's describing all of the events.
If you're not familiar with her story, you should start with her blog.
It's where the book was born.
She is just like you and I fellow bloggers!
A big heart, full of life, looking to learn and love all things about this crazy life.
The love she feels for her husband,
her step-sons,
her daughters...
It's all so moving and is one of those books, you'll want to fold the corners of the pages over,
so you can go back and re-read parts to teach yourself,
what really matters most in life.
I love how raw, honest, and real she is.
And one of the best parts?
She still blogs!
So unlike most stories that end, and you always wonder, what's going on now?
Well, just head on over to her blog and follow her beautiful life story.
If you cannot tell, it moved me in more ways than one, and for that, I am grateful.
I hope you all had a lovely Mother's Day!
I enjoyed my furbabies with extra kisses last night...
 my girls


  1. That trip sounds amazing!!! And I LOVED that book too, so much!!

  2. i have to read that book! it sounds like it will be such a beautiful read!

    the weather this weekend was incredible, loved every moment of it!

    oh and can you pack me in your suitcase? thanks.

    have a great week!

  3. I felt so much better after getting rid of my acrylic nails. Your real nails WILL get stronger.

    I love reading a good book, and I especially like finding an author I connect with. My favorite author is AJ Jacobs. He's funny and vulnerable and not afraid to try new things and put himself out there.

    You must be so excited about the wedding! Can't wait to see pictures.

  4. I am so excited about our trips! Wish we were traveling together:) We would have a blast! Bloom is so good!!

  5. so awesome what you are doing to get healthier! good for you! and lucky you have to have your passport when going on a trip, i want to take another one of those very very soon a passport required trip!

  6. I love what you are doing to get healthy! I too am trying to make some better choices. I had acrylics on for years and recently ripped them off and have since been getting shellac manicures. let me tell you, I don't even the least miss them! I love the shellac mani's and my nails feel SO much better. totally jealous about your trip! and I love the new layout!

  7. You trip is going to be a blast! I totally agree with taking the natural route. I gave up tanning beds which I was addicted to back in the day.. .Spray tans & I have become BFFs!

  8. Look at those sweet fur babies. Yummy! So glad your saying no to the tanning bed. I was a fanatic until I got skin cancer, ugh. Removing that was miserable. Your beautiful all natural, don't forget it.


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