Thursday, May 17, 2012

Have Passport, Will Travel

If you've been here awhile, you may notice we Delle Faves love to travel!
{I still have several trips to still blog about...oops}
When we travel, I try to stay as organized as possible!
We usually go through our one travel agent at Liberty Travel,
and she always hands us a little red leather folder which holds all of our key papers.
This time is a bit different, and we didn't have to do anything other than fork over money....
It's a weird feeling!
I am really looking forward to seeing how well twenty-something of us
board a plane, stay at a hotel, climb aboard a cruise ship, island hop on 3 different islands,
and safely return on a flight home a week later.
I'm sure we will manage, but it's the largest group I've ever traveled with!
I have been doing a lot of self-talk and deep breathing, as you see...
I'm the type of person who worries about everyone else.
I don't know if it's the big sister, future mother instinct, or teacher in me...
I can easily get so wrapped up worrying about how everyone else is doing,
I will find myself not having a good time and stressing out my husband.
He has so kindly pointed out this flaw, and I have worked to better myself.
If someone doesn't have a good time this vacation, I vow to not worry about it!
I have one job:
Don't worry about a thing!!

If I'm happy then hubs will be happy and honestly, in all the meddling I've done in the past,
trying to make others have a good time, or trying to fix things wrong for them, I just waste my energy.
We are all adults and I'm sure something will go awry; it's a destination wedding.
We are relying on mother nature to allow us to get to St. Thomas.
We are hoping that we dock there and have enough time for everything.
There are twenty something of us all going, 
something is bound to happen.
Oh well!
So, some may think it's selfish, but really, when I look back on this vacation,
either I can say, wow I had a great time, or aw man I wish I hadn't gotten so upset about...
Who  knows, this may be the last vacation hubs and I get sans kids.
What I have also learned, is what should go into a carry on bag.
Carry On Essentials:
  • snacks {granola bars, crackers, dried fruits, pb&j sammies, nuts--as long as you're not international}
  • reading material: books & magazines
  • iPad-with a movie or two downloaded for viewing
  • headphones to listen to movie
  • lifesavers, mint & fruity
  • Gum for ear popping annoyances 
  • medicines/vitamins
  • a change of clothes: shirt, underwear, shorts/jeans, socks 
  • some makeup
  • anything else you cannot live without that is allowed to be on board
We have also realized that they never weigh your carry on, so load that baby up!
If you have a weight limit on your suitcase, try and pack an extra bag for the way home, so that if you
do buy some goodies, you can easily tote them home and have hubs carry on a bag.
You're allowed a purse & a carry on, so if hubs has a backpack, I say that's like a purse,
so he can still carry one more bag woot woot!


  1. You are clearly a seasoned traveler! I just throw in everything that fits and pray. Most of the time I forget underwear. Just keeping it real. I really need to be more organized like you are! Y'all are gonna have so much fun! Just relax and enjoy yourself, girl! You deserve it! MUAH!!

  2. In Europe they DEFINITELY check your carry on for size and weight! And a European carry on is MUCH DIFFERENT in size than an American carry on ;) Most of the flights here are "low-cost" so they expect you to have no checked bags (or you'll get an $80+ fee) and a SMALL carry on... literally half the size of the one I would carry in the US. It's a totally different experience ;)

  3. You are so going to have a blast!!! :) You sounds like me when I travel too!! SO excited. ;)

  4. Love the Bob Marley :)

    Excellent travel tips. Where all will your cruise be stopping? I hope Jamaica!

    I'm sure you will have a blast with such a big group. We are hoping to travel with my sister and her husband and maybe Jason's cousin and his GF the next time we go.

  5. I ALWAYS forget something when I am packing. I need to print this list out!! You are going to have a blast. I am so jealous you are getting away!

  6. I'm so excited for you, and I need a travel agent stat, how fun to just get a cute red package.

    I always carry the little Evian spray waters to spray on my face to rehydrate my skin. I always try and do it when the people around me are up or in the bathroom because I've accidentally sprayed people and they didn't believe me it was just water lol.

    So when are we leaving :)


  7. Look at you working the system! I always stuff my carry-on with everything I can think of and can get away with. I'm so jealous of your cruise, by the way.

  8. Ahhh your trip sounds amazing!!! And what a smart packing list! :) You'd better turn off that worrying instinct of yours and have a fabulous time!!!

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  10. Great travel tips. I always pack a bunch of granola bars and gum too. You never know how long you'll be waiting around in an airport.

    Have a fabulous time!

  11. How exciting!! Hope you have a great time!
    And good tips - I am so spastic about having everything I need so I ALWAYS end up overpacking lol.

  12. Timely post as i am going to a vacay this coming July. I will definitely follow your advice.

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  13. Thanks for the travel tips!


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