Thursday, May 31, 2012

First Days at Sea & Bahamas Re-cap

We boarded our plane and landed in Orlando Florida. 
From the airport, we had to catch a shuttle to our hotel...
there were 15 of us and it was an 11 passenger van.
It was a tad cramped, but we made it!
Once we got to our hotel, we freshened up and got ready to spend the evening with 
a good childhood friend of Joe's, Mike.
I was trying to surprise him, but I can't keep secrets from him very well.
He knew we were going to meet up with Mike and his fiancee Stevie,
however, Mike had no idea! So when he pulled up into our hotel parking lot, we jumped out
in front of his truck and started hooting and hollering.
He was super shocked and pretty excited to see us!
We went over to City Walk at Universal studios and walked around for a bit.
We're such dorks.

We ended up having dinner at Emerill's and it was very good.
My dinner had peppers in it, and on one of the peppers was a sticker, 
that should have been removed when it was washed...
They quickly apologized and comped my dinner and dessert. 

We stopped at a few bars and one had karaoke.
It was actually quite impressive!
One guy sang Marvin Gaye and he was awesome!
The next morning we had breakfast and headed out on another shuttle ride to the Port.
 Seeeesster's getting married!!
Once we got onto the boat we checked out our cool balcony room.
And before long, I lost my husband to the game of Black Jack in the casino.
We all gathered at dinner for the first night and I will be honest.
The food on Carnival was not as good as I had on Royal Caribbean.
The desserts were decent, but the actual meals, ehhhh, not so much.
Everyone loved the chocolate melting cake and it was on the menu every night!

Each night these two guys came around and tried to sell some "shot"
{for $8.50}
and I guess it was like a mixed drink, in a shot glass you got to keep.
 It was cool how they froze different fruit around the liquor and poured.
Our waiter Francis sang "happy wedding/honeymoon to you"
the first the tune of Happy Birthday.
We then got him to sing happy birthday, every night thereafter.
If you've ever heard my husband sing, it's quite loud, embarrassing, and funny!

The very next day we woke up pulling into the port at Nassau, Bahamas!
 So peaceful!
We quickly got off the ship, since we were only in port from 7-1:30
We shopped briefly and found a gorgeous painting for our house,
and made our way to the beach where over 4 years ago we fell more in love.
 I have this same picture from back then too!
 Delicious mango smoothies in that hut!!
 Such a perfect, sunny, beachy, day!

 By 2:00 we were back on the boat.
It started raining a bit and a little overcast, so it was perfect timing.
That night was the Captain's dinner, so we all got dressed up.
My step brother makes the funniest faces bahaha
 We were the three amigos on this cruise!
 Mr & Mrs all dolled up.
 Our gang at the comedy show.
 I love his blue tie with his baby blues!!
 After the comedy club, we hit up the casino...
and then the club!
My step-mom partied til they kicked her out of the club!!
She's a riot.
 Being silly.
 Love you boo!
 My sister and her friend were in bed sleeping...
but we had fun!
We slept in the next day, since we were up til 3 or so.
We spent the day at sea and got a couples massage/I actually got a facial.
The rocking of the boat and the serenity of the spa put us in great moods.
Tomorrow I'll re-cap the night before & the wedding!!


  1. Love your pictures! Looks like fun.

  2. Looks GREAT!!! Love all the photos, I love that black dress with the bottom white stripes - where did you find it? :) Looks like such a great trip so far! :)

  3. Looks like you had a great start! How cool that you got to surprise your husband's friend. And wow Nassau looks absolutely gorgeous. Oh man, do I miss that blue water!

    Looks like there is so much to do on board! Love the shot glasses. And the outfit you wore the to the captain's dinner.

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  5. Looks amazing we've been on the same cruise I think! :-) I love that choc molten cake yummy!

  6. cant wait for the rest of your trip re-cap! the first two days sound like a great time. and i love the dress you are wearing in the photo of you two on a surfboard

  7. EEEEK!!! Looks like so much fun, gorgeous girl!! You make me wanna go more blonde!!!! I love your matchyness with your boo and I also love your pole skilzzzzzz

  8. Oh...I also have that maxi dress!! Love it!!!

  9. Love it! I've been to Universal in Orlando soooo many times (since we live in Tampa) and seeing pics made me think its time for a visit, again!

  10. This looks like an amazing trip! Great pictures. (You're so silly!) We're looking to take a cruise next year.

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  12. OMG the choclate melting cake is the most yummy thing on the entire ship!!! :)

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  14. Gorgeous pics! Looks like sooo much fun :)


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