Monday, May 28, 2012

Home Sweet Home

I'm baaaaaaaaack!!
I don't even know where to start....
with my blog or my house!! 
I will say, our cruise for my sister's wedding on St. Thomas was
something that I will never forget.
I wished we had more island time and less boat time,
but all in all, it was nice to get away and not cook or clean for a week!
There was more than enough drama from time to time, and I could have done without that.
Some people need to wake up and smell the roses!
Life is too short and too much time can be easily wasted.
I feel like I could write a book now!
I didn't have my phone with my 24/7 and that was fantastic too.
It's good to unplug, unwind and allow ourselves to be unattached from 
technology and all of the social media there is.
It's still all here when I got back!
Although, I certainly missed all of you bloggy friends!!
It was always nice that Joe did not have to go back to work right away,
and we had a nice and relaxing Memorial Day.
We grilled chicken wings, ate pasta salad and baked beans
and I'm anxiously awaiting our dessert:
Strawberry Shortcake.
It is in the 90s here today; it's as if we didn't leave the tropics!!
The doggies missed us terribly, but seemed to be in 
great shape when I picked them up from the kennel.
I think they lost a pound or two, but most likely they didn't 
get as many treats as they do from me as I cook all day long!
As for my sister's wedding day?
It was beautiful.
I haven't uploaded any of our camera pictures yet.
This one is from a cell phone but you get the idea!
This was our view from our balcony room...
 I think I finally got rid of the 'rocking feeling'.
I still felt like I was moving up until today!
I hope you're all doing well and cannot wait to catch up with all of you.


  1. Looks amazing! Welcome back :-)

  2. glad you had a good time.!!! can't wait to see pics!!

  3. I am so glad you are back! I have missed you!! Her wedding looks beautiful and I love that everyone is in flippies!!! MUAHHHHH!!!!

  4. Yay so glad you had a great time! You were certainly missed :) Can't wait to see more pictures and reviews. The wedding looked beautiful!

  5. YAY! Welcome back! Glad you had a good time, want to hear all about it!! Missed you! :) It looked beautiful!!!

  6. I somehow missed the major detail that the cruise and your sister's wedding was interrelated! Haha It sounds like you guys had such an incredible time. I just sighed over that photo of the ocean! How gorgeous!!! Your sister's wedding must have been so romantic with that kind of setting! :) Glad you got to relax and have a lovely vacation, Jen!!!

  7. Looks like a gorgeous wedding! Welcome back girlie!!

  8. Welcome back! I can't wait to see more pictures. I bet you got really tanned. The bridesmaid dresses look so pretty.


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