Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Top 5 Summer Favorites!

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It's hard to only pick five favorites about summer time, especially since 
my "MATCH" account was "Summergirl8481" when Joe contacted me :P
There is nothing  I don't like about summer, other than the fact that it ends.
1.  Hot Nights 
I just love those nights where it's so warm, you are literally rubbing ice cubes on your neck.
 The nights where even the air conditioning can't cool you down.
I love that the sun doesn't set until after 9.
You can hear all of the insects singing their summer tunes,
Did your grams teach you that too?
 Or just mine?
I love gazing up at the stars, finding the big dipper, and hoping to see a shooting star.

2. The Lake
I'm in love with the water. 
Every summer since I was born, I've gone to our family's cottage.
We have a lake front, which my great-grandparents lived in, then grandparents, and 
now, we are in that awkward stage of having it rented out because my grams is the only one still alive,
but she's too old to stay there alone. 
There is a back cottage and a big white garage, and so much space to run around.
The dock is huge and cement, and is the best place to get a suntan.
I could lay there day after day.
I remember how many hours I'd spend jumping off of that dock
and float around with beach toys when I was little.
We have a boat, which is great for wake-boarding, water-skiing, and fun boat rides.
It's amazing at what an appetite you work up out on the lake, and
fresh tuna sandwiches on sourdough bread, chips and dip, fresh fruit smoothies
remind me of many a summer day, on the lake.

3. Fireworks
My husband is like a big kid when it comes to these.
Him and his friend Chris put on a semi-professional show,
and since my hubs works so hard, when he gets a few days off for the 4th,
there's nothing better than seeing him laugh, joke, play around and really
put on quite a spectacular show!  
Last year we celebrated at his grama's house and it was so great, 
we are doing it again this year!
4. Grilling
Hubs is definitely a grill master! 
He'll grill no matter what the weather, if I really want him to,
but there's nothing like a hot summer day to grill some
hamburgers, hots, sausages, veggies, kabobs, steaks, chops...
Dinner time is so easy peazy when you can grill.
I throw together a salad and a side, 
hubs grills the main entree.
I loved sitting out front with him, 
I cannot wait to have the grill on the back deck and I can lounge!!
5. Relaxation with friends and family
For whatever reason, life seems to slow down a bit in summer.
We tend to just go with the flow and let things just be.
I absolutely love it when we attend BBQs and sit around and talk.
A lot of my friends (and me!!) have summer birthdays, so it feels like
the whole summer is a party!
Hubs and I have our anniversary in the summer.
All things good seem to happen in summer.
I just know that summer 2012 is going to be one of
my favorite ones yet!!
Lots of great things are in store.
Sun, you are more than welcome to re-appear any time soon.
I really enjoyed the 80 degree weather in March,
I could totally go for some 65 degrees here in MAY!!

 I'm so ready for this.
 Our lil niece Adrianna!!
What are your favorites about summer?


  1. I didn't know you and Joe met on match:) What a great success story, y'all should be on a commercial for them! I am a summer girl, too! I wish we lived closer so we could chill together! I love all of this, especially the lake house and boat! How perfect! I am jealous! Y'all are going to have the best summer! Invite me:)

  2. Love that fire pit and the colored adirondack chairs! Looks like a perfect summer night to me.

  3. good times good times!!! wait.... your match name... is that how you met the hubs??

  4. Hot nights with sun up til 9 PM and grilling! My two favorite aspects of summer. It's on its way!!

  5. Love it all, it all sounds amazing!!! :) So cool. Did you guys meet on Match? Did I know this?

  6. Yep, I love those things too, esp the fireworks, they're so fun.


  7. Absolutely love the new look of your blog, Jen! It is SO perfect for you!! I am admittedly not a summer girl. Now that summer doesn't equate to summer vacation from school, it is actually a season I don't enjoy at all! I'm more of a fall-winter kind of girl :) Although, I can certainly appreciate getting a bit of a tan and all of that delicious summer food!

  8. This is such a great list! I look forward to 4th of July fireworks all year. I also love summer blockbluster movies, summer dresses, and watermelon. :)


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